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Tempt me with a cover

[X ] simple minimal manip

title: 101 Ways to Pick Up A Man

subtitle: -

author: Rinkou

short summary: Just a gangster girl that falls in love with an average and innocent-looking man in her school.

mood/genre: It’s meant to be a fun and silly romance story, so nothing too serious.

inspo/images: I don’t really use real life people to portray my characters. I only have this image of the female protagonist in my mind now, I hope it uploads correctly. I don’t mind if you use silhouettes too!

ideas: I only have two ideas in my mind so far, just a girl smoking or a girl holding the male lead by the collar of his shirt or his tie, something like that.

is the story posted?: Not yet, but I’m planning to post it soon!

anything else?: Nothing else, thank you very much! Please do let me know if you are accepting this request or not :slight_smile:


Persuade me with an icon

simple manip

icon pack or single icon? (1-4): pack (2)

text (if any): -

mood/colors: bold, daring, powerful, clean / white, black, sky blue

model/image: 高瀚宇/Gao Han Yu (Kido Gao) / 1, 2 (both of them tgt), 3, 4. 5 (opt. to use)

anything else?: for the background it can just be a jumble of generally cool-colour textures, maybe have birds flying or a gun (he plays a detective sort-of guy in a show), or have stripes for pattern-- and h0ly your graphics look amazeballs


<span style=“font-size:25px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:11px;background:#dcdff2;font-family:arial;display:block;padding:0px 50px 0px 160px;text-transform:uppercase;”><BR><img src=“”></span><span style=“font-size:12px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:12px;background:#dcdff2;color:#000000;font-amily:helvetica;display:block;padding:0px 50px 40px 160px;”><BR>Tempt me with a cover<br>

simple minimal manip (I don’t know what this means?)

<br><b>title:</b> The Hand of Fate

<br><b>subtitle:</b> An Anna Loveridge Novella

<br><b>author:</b> Hafferby

<br><b>short summary:</b> Set in 1968, a sequel. Involving cults and witches

<br><b>mood/genre:</b> paranormal

<br><b>inspo/images:</b> This is the third book in a series, and I’d like to match the cover to the other two (Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm and The Last Witch in England). the covers can be seen on my profile, but the original designer appears to have gone AWOL

<br><b>ideas:</b> The woman on the covers is St Vincent. I wanted to use a head shot of her from the album ‘St Vincent’ against a backdrop of psychedlic colours (60’s vibe) to give it a matching look with the other titles.

<br><b>is the story posted?:</b> Will be once I have the cover

<br><b>anything else?:</b> MDC still confuses me massively



@Rinkou I’ll see what I can do, as I have a few ideas in mind. :slight_smile: Were you after a more manga looking cover or a more realsitic simple cover? I found the below images as inspo.



@creakysmirk yay, icon request! looking forward to doing this one. Aww thank you, I haven’t been back in the MDC in forever, everything is soo different. I need to practise again!



@Hafferby Thank you for requesting! I’ll see what I can do in terms of matching the other covers and hopefully come up with something you like.

I really like the cover for book two (very professional looking) so I’ll try and aim for something similar.

same for me, I haven’t been back here since before they made all these changes, so I am feeling a little disoriented and trying to get use to the the new interface.


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: After Charming


author: Cosette Altair

short summary: Following the wedding, Mael Charming and Ella Proulx-Richelieu lead separate lives.

mood/genre: Light/Dark, a lot of pinks/Romance-ChickLit

inspo/images: Inspo: 135162278-176-k416707

ideas: I’d like the cover to be split in half. One half is in black and white and features half a man’s face. The other half is in color and features half a woman’s face.

is the story posted?: No

anything else?: Thank you in advance


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: Sovereign

subtitle: N/A

author: Suman S.

short summary: Story is sci-fi based surrounding a society now partially ruled by a new species, the Osirii, that are seven foot coal-skinned carnivorous creatures with wings. It follows Mira, a surgeon at the largest city’s medical centre, who is forced to marry an Osirii Prince and become the Sovereign - essentially a queen with uncontested reign over their people. Unfortunately there is a world of unforgiving difficulties ready to break her.

mood/genre: Dark/Sci-Fi/Romance

inspo/images: (1)

ideas: I really like the idea of a crown dripping blood as the focal point of the cover. Maybe the background can be like a deep red curtain (?) or sheet like blowing in the wind. Although you can omit the sheet if it’s too much. Nothing too garish or bright.

is the story posted?: Not yet.

anything else?: Nope.


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: For Surival

subtitle: No subtitle

author: Genevieve Hope

short summary: In a universe paradoxical to our own, one where dinosaurs roam and modern technology has explicated to modify their DNA, The Paradox Project has begun. Claire Dearing and Owen Grady are right in the middle of it all, contrived together for survival.

mood/genre: I would like the mood to be quite dark and mysterious. The genre is fan-fic, however the cover really doesn’t speak for it’s genre.

inspo/images: &

ideas: The two images above are really good, so anything like that would be great. The main character has red hair (not abnormally red though, natural), and I would prefer if we are not able to see who the person is exactly. l love the colors red, blue, green, grey, gold, and silver. Anything like that really. :slight_smile:

is the story posted?: Yes

anything else?: Thank you!


Do you have forms for requesting a premade? If so, is Why Fear Strikes still available?


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: the love that remains

subtitle: text here

author: aditi jain

short summary: “Was I stupid for falling in love with you or stupid for believing you were falling just as hard ?” she asked him, her eyes wet with tears, sparkling under the light of the moon, wanting the answer from him.
They were over, yet there was a spark between them

mood/genre: dark/fanfic

inspo/images: / /

ideas: zayn malik and selena gomez, sad, looking at each other.

is the story posted?: yes.

anything else?: thank you


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: Helper

subtitle: -

author: S25189145

short summary: A girl with one purpose only. To end her life. On May 11th, she travel to the most dangerous city in Michigan: Muskegon Heights, looking to find anyone who can assist her death. Until a woman with extraordinary powers shows up…

mood/genre: adventure, sci-fi, romance & action

inspo/images: -

ideas: A woman in a business suit with her head hidden from the cover. And light coming out of her hands. It’s one of her main powers. For the background it can just be plain black or futuristic images but you can decide! :slight_smile:

is the story posted?: Not yet.

anything else?: That’s it! Thank you so much!


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: surrender

subtitle: forgiveness is freedom

author: bella esther

short summary: For twenty years, amelia , loved by all that’s met her, has come for Amelia to leave everything and everyone she knows and marry the enemy of the pack to ensure a peace treaty is intact.

mood/genre: dark mood and werewolf genre

Photographer: Christoph Poloczek - Pollography​/A Wedding with Pollography​ Model: Lela​

ideas: i’d like a girl in nature like in the woods or the forest, dark themed with lots of dark greens and a cast of moonlight to make it look gloomy.

is the story posted?: yup

anything else?: your graphics are so beautiful <3


Persuade me with an icon

simple manip

icon pack or single icon? (1-4): 4!

text (if any): Vexful (fancy gothic cursive writing, something like blooop)

mood/colors: This is my profile banner, and I wanted it to match with the same black/grey/ dark dark burgundy colors ! But very very dark and no bright reds!

model/image: one| two| three|four and if these don’t work feel free to find other pictures of platinum blonde girls

anything else?: nopeee



Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: Hearts of Gold and Steel

subtitle: A knight’s tales of youth (You can leave it out if you’d like)

author: IndiigoWendiigo

short summary: In a world ruled by four kingdoms, each representing an element, a knight is one of the best kinds of protection. At Yellowback, a pristine academy, we follow the students of dorm E3 and E2 through their years of training as they develop into their true selves.

mood/genre: Fantasy

inspo/images: //

ideas: I would love just a very simple black or dark background with the title towards the center in a gold/silver font with very simplistic gold/silver designs surround it. Could be a sword, hearts, dots/specks, bees, a shiled honestly whatever works best for you

is the story posted?: Yes

anything else?: Thank you~


@creakysmirk Here is your icon pack! Let me know if you decide to use it and if so, please don’t forget to credit.
The actual size looks really small but I swear they still fit as an icon.

icon one // icon two

[click links above for icons]


omii they look great :bluehearts: yes i’ll definitely be using them; thanks a bunch! :winterstars: