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@shakespearian1 are you after something similar to the silver linings playbook, but more manip to suit your theme?
@forsoothsayer definitely accepted for linking a YA book as inspo cover goals
@eauline I may have an idea, I’ll see if I can find a suitable model :+1:
@noFOOKINidea I may fail at this request, but I really like the cover for the first book so I wanna give this is a try.
@S25189145 ooh, the idea sounds cool so I’ll give it a go.

Thank you for requesting! Adding you all to the queue.


@creakysmirk no problem at all, I’m glad you like it!



@IIJayIILovesBooks Thank you! I love your ideas, so accepted ofc :slight_smile:
@Vexful perfect! I’ll try and avoid bright reds like my thread haha
@IndiigoWendiigo Love the inspo images you provided and your book title. Hope I can do your cover justice :sweat_smile:


Did you not see my reply? I understand since it was so small, but I was asking if your premade, Why Fear Strikes is still available @bucolic


Thank you. Really looking forward.


Thank you! I can’t wait


Persuade me with an icon

simple [X ] manip

icon pack or single icon? (1-4): Icon Pack (3)

text (if any): Laura

mood/colors: Blacks/Greys/reds/greens/whites

model/image: For the first icon: I was thinking you could have both Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles together, ship wise, with hearts and leaves - just maybe a nature theme. Two: I was thinking you could use Sky Ferreia and have more of a grunge-like theme; vulgar language (Grunge brushes work). Three: Have just Harry Styles with one angel wing in a rainy background with grey clouds like a storm is abrewing.

anything else?: I didn’t see a password, sorry. Thank you so much if you accept.


Thank you so much! I’m sure you’ll make something wonderful~




@PellinorLover2314 sorry, completely missed your question! I wasn’t planning on offering premades, but if you provide me with the new title and author name, I’ll fix it up and you can have it :slight_smile:


Title: Say You Will
Author: Angel Durham
Can you put a subtitle? If so: A storm is coming…


Also, I saw it under premades, so that’s why I had asked, and, thank you!


Tempt me with a cover

[X ] simple minimal manip

title: The Game

subtitle: None

author: Dawn Garner

short summary: A girl named Claire Frost, whose life is forever changed when her name is entered in The Calling. Now it is up to her to try and keep herself and her family alive. She will soon learn how far one person is willing to go to survive.

mood/genre: It is a fantasy. The mood is mostly intense through out the book since she is fighting for her life.

inspo/images: text here

ideas: Maybe something with blood? Do whatever you think fits my story.

is the story posted?: Yes but it is not finished yet. I only have three chapters so far.

anything else?: PM if you need anymore information.


If you scroll down on the page it says a raw paste data. Fill that out then copy and paste it.


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: lovely. (all lower case with the period)

subtitle: heart of glass with a mine of stone(those two all together in small cursive below the title)

author: -sinchesters-

short summary: its a fanfiction for The Originals. Carter Simmons is my main character, still working on how to write my summary tho lol

mood/genre: kinda dark, fanfiction

inspo/images: Related image

ideas: madison davenport is my FC for Carter. I would love this picture with maybe birds or butterflies coming from her dress and the closer to the edge it gets, to turn them to dust, would love darker colors in the background with maybe dark red or purple or just mainly black and white

is the story posted?: not yet

anything else?: nope! thank you!!


thanks so muchhh


I wouldn’t mind either, and I would like to see some of your ideas too! Thank you so much c:!


@Rinkou Here is your cover! I know this is probably nothing like the simple cover you had in mind. I unknowingly drew isnspo from Yakuza tattoos in terms of color.

I understand if you decide not to use it, just let me know.
Thanks again for requesting!

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@sinchesters the idea sounds pretty cool and I loved The Originals, so I’ll see what I can do :wink: I’ll definitely try usng the image provided, but if that doesn’t work, did you have any other images of her that you’d be happy for me to use?
@DawnGarner19 I’ll see what I can come up with. Would you like a model/person on the cover or are you happy for it be more focused on the text/Title?


here are some i found! feel free to try your own thing out too!

Related image

Related image

Related image