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OMGGG, THIS IS SO PRETTY ;_;! Thank you so, so much, it was better than what I expected :heartpulse::heartpulse:! I’ll definitely be using this as the book cover, gahhh :persevere::persevere:!!!


I would be find with just the title and a nice background.


Here is your cover. The psychedelic colours were really hard to work with and sorta threw me off with the parnormal theme, so I guess it didn’t turn out the way I planned. I’m sorry. If you want me to go with a darker tone or brighten it up a little, I can.

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You’re very welcome, I’m so glad you like it! :hugs:


Hiya, that’s great, I like it. Can I make two requests?

  • Can you squeeze ‘The Hand of Fate’ into 2 lines instead of 3, and move the tagline to just below this, perhaps a font ize larger than it is now.
  • Can you remove the ‘written by’ and just have hafferby alone at the bottom?

That would be grand. It’s a great picture you’ve chosen


Hi, are you able to make these changes?


No problem, working on it now. Did you prefer just the white text? Just so I know which one to edit.


Hmm, yeh, just the white one I think


Hello. Will my cover still be delivered? :slight_smile:


Hey, do you think you will be able to squeeze a cover for me at some point. As long as it takes you I don’t mind, but I’m looking through your work you have done and it’s amazing!
I rather have a very simple cover, nothing huge and special.


Here is your cover with the changes as requested. :slight_smile:

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Here is your cover! I ended up doing two versions; one with pink as requested and another with orange/red tones.
I wasn’t sure if you already had models/celebs in mind, so I ended up just using random models.
If you decide not to use it, please let me know.
Payment is just a credit if you do end up using it :slight_smile:

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Absolutely. I’ve got one more request before yours and then I can start working on your cover. :slight_smile:


thank you! Sure, if you don’t mind the wait? If so, just fill out a form and I’ll see if I have any ideas for your cover :slight_smile:


Hey, not to rush you, but when will i get my cover?


Tempt me with a cover

simple minimal manip

title: Silhouette

subtitle: Anything, that is mysterious and gloomy I will use it for sure.

author: Wiktoria Lajborek

short summary: A guy named Jackson, is convicted of murder, and escapes prison one day because of a rescue mission for Michael, that’s part of mafia. He then gets dragged into a world of murder and fear, when he meets the mafia leader, Alyssa. She can fight, and kill a man with one hand. She finds interest in Jackson, because on his first day, he beat down one of her men. She finds past about him.

mood/genre: Action/Adventure & Horror

inspo/images: Anything to do with darkness and guns.

ideas: Not much, anything that comes to your mind I will be happy.

is the story posted?: Yeah, only 4 chapters so far.

anything else?: Nope. But if you need more info, just PM me. :sunny:


Can’t wait! Thank you.


You’re cover will be after eauline :slight_smile: Sorry for the delay, I’ve had limited access to my laptop but will be able to complete graphics over the next few days. Shouldn’t take me long to get to yours.


ah, you marvellous bastard. That’s lovely. Would you like a name check or dedication?


@forsoothsayer Here is your cover! I ended up doing two versions since I couldn’t really see the blood against the dark background.

They also both vary in the fact that one has a white kinda border going on while the other doesn’t. If there are some things in both versions that you would like me to combine or if you need me to make any adjustments, say the word and I’ll see what I can do.

If you decide not to use it, please let me know.
Payment is just a credit if you do end up using it :slight_smile:

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