Did anyone else notice a huge change in rankings?

My rankings were pretty much the same for a very long time, for like months. Thats what I mean by huge ranking change because I have over 20 books. Suddenly they changed for all my books yesterday and since then one of my books got 5k reads. I tried looking through the threads but didn’t find a good answer. I am just curious, definately not complaining since I love all the reads, votes and new comments.

Maybe I missed a thread here on the forums?

Sorry… I didn’t notice anything new… since well… 2017 ? :joy::sweat_smile:
Try to refresh the page.

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I’d love a ranking change like that :sweat_smile:


Mine totally whacked out lol, earlier it said it was a rank that didn’t exist (like, the tag number wasn’t that big, it said #392 I think, but there were only 280-something books in the tag), then a few hours later it settled at #2 which it had been before. Hmmm. Lol

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Lol that’s an awesome stroke of luck! I actually dropped like hundreds of places in almost all of my tags, which was kind of lame, but I’m really glad to hear that didn’t happen to everyone!

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This also happened to me lol. Maybe the algorithm changed somehow that benefitted some of us and others not so much?

It could also just be that my stories aren’t seeing much action lately though :joy:

I didn’t see anything about rankings changing, but I did check my reads and they appear to have moved a little faster than they have been for the past month or so.


I don’t know if its with me promoting constantly or the tags, but since then, one of my stories have nearly 5K reads and my Graphics now have 11K reads.

My one book went from 9.7 to over 15k since yesterday morning. I looked at the rankings that sat the same and suddenly that book was #1steamy #1 sexy and #3 Mafia.

It is a completed book I haven’t changed so I just got curious if the rankings got fixed or something.

Edit: Either that and it’s broke and gave me that high of ranking. :joy:

The rankings have been broken for so long it’s honestly hard to tell if they’re just more broken or just temporarily fixed for the time being.

I honestly don’t even bother looking at mine both because they’re broken and because I really don’t care where I rank in half the tags i use LOL Genres is all I care about and I hardly ever rank in those since the change over to the tag rank system.

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Thanks, this has happened before where I get a huge amount of reads so I just guessed it had to do with rankings. The rankings for that book is back down now.

Maybe the long holiday weekend?

One Author I follow also mention this, today. She said she had a Read increase… seemingly out of the blue.

Did you enter that book in the Wattys ?

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My rankings have gotten higher (but the read increase for me was probably just from reviews and critiques).

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No, I actually didn’t do anything.

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My low rankings remained low lol

I’m surprised one of my books with the least reads made it to #200 in poems.

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You know if it was truly a glitch, it just gave me an idea: If WP give undiscovered books even from discovered authors, a turn at being in the random spotlight somewhere in the searched for category that changes every 24 hours, wouldn’t that help everyone be discovered? I mean it might take 10 years for some really unlucky ppl like me but that’s still better, no? Lol

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That’s a nice glitch. :grin:

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Maybe! Although in the last hour, I just bounced from like 400th in #fantasyadventure back to 50th. Perhaps the system is just really feeling bouncy and/or glitchy lately?

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