Did Wattpad Get Rid of the Activity Feed? (yes, yes they did, for now anyway)

Or is this a glitch?

Update from Community Ambassador Prisim: You can read an update about the activity feed from Gabby here Did Wattpad Get Rid of the Activity Feed? (yes, yes they did, for now anyway)


It happens to me too, especially on other people’s profile

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Must be a glitch, because I can see it on mobile, but not on the web…

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Yeah, it’s not on my web either, but I think might be in the beta program if that’s still a thing. Might also be a wattpad update, but I don’t think that’s a necessary update…

:thinking: I see

Yup, i am guessing they probably removed it considering it’s been days and i still don’t see any activities on profiles. But probably a glitch too, since i encountered a lot of glitches on Wattpad

Sakata Gintoki is your profile picture. I just wanted to tell you how much I love him and you’re awesome for acknowledging his existence. :smiley:

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haha, no problem, old but a good one XD I promote it

haha me too!!

Wattpad eh? :grin:

what’s your pic?

haha it’s Miss Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls. My wattpad profile picture is Chief Yami from Black Clover

oh my wattpad is me XD
I watched that when I was younger, but I don’t remember anything about it. Those were the days, I got toys from cereals :joy:

I know, right? But if you watch PPG even now, it will make you laugh. I never noticed how many innuendos had flown over my head as a child.

It’s not on mine either. I hope it’s a glitch. I use it to find books I was reading that I didn’t add to my library or reading lists and if they get rid of it, that’d cause a bit of a mess for me.


Feel free to call it Glitchpad

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I don’t see it either! I hope it’s just a glitch :frowning:

Glitch I think. I can’t see it on web but can on app

It’s a bug. Some users have been experiencing the same issue. Please send a ticket to Support here- https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I saw it on someone else’s profile. I thought they wanted to hide from the world that they voted on me. Huh.