Did Wattpad Get Rid of the Activity Feed? (yes, yes they did, for now anyway)

Oh. And you are well within your right of course, to believe what you want to believe. :slight_smile:

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Hardee, Gabby’s given a perfectly reasonable and honest account of why the Activity Feed is no longer with us. If you choose to believe something else that’s entirely up to you, but Gabby isn’t one to put falsehoods into literary form any more than anyone else on staff is.


I think some people use the newsfeed , but wattpad seems to be adding the option to make your profile private, in that case, can’t they add a new version of the Activity Feed, I wonder :thinking:? Since people can choose to make their info private and others can choose to not.

It’ll take time or maybe not. And as for the profile private, that’s a new mute upgrade they did which is in here https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/203133434-Mute-or-Unmute-a-User-

No it isn’t that, hang on, let’s see if I can find it

Hey Gavin – I am most definitely not trying to infer any sort of bad intent on Gabby, or on anyone.
At no time have I ever said that anyone was lying.

I am merely stating facts on what I have seen and what I’ve read, and can find out on my own, as a computer operator/programmer myself – and as an avid fan of using Wattpad.

To be honest, my friend. fine folks like you and others from Wattpad HQ wouldn’t put so much effort into restating the company line every time someone like me points out what I have found, if my conclusions were not true, at least to some extent.

That, and of course the fact being that a large swath of the Wattpad community still want the Activity Feed brought back for us to use. :slight_smile:

Yes. They can. Just like how they use Discourse as a standalone site for the Forums. a similar setup could be constructed using the old Wattpad Activity Feed program.

Another option could be setup where, just as how you can use the old program for the Inbox feature if you have the address, a similar address could be provided for the Activity Feed.

I see, I guess the Activity Feed fix is not a priority right now, but the newsfeed really doesn’t do much… :thinking:
Good points tho

Thank you! I do try to be helpful! :slight_smile:

Oh that. I think sir @TheOrangutan can answer that instead of me :smiley:

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If at least Wattpad could add a little “online x ago…” It would be soooo useful ! I just want to know if users are actives or not ! :crossed_fingers:


I was thinking the same thing. Last active, but people are going to argue against that too because some want to hide being online

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I spend a lot of time in the forums as you know, and it’s not a case of “restating the company line”, it’s a case of making sure that other folks using the forums get to see things that I know to be incorrect, corrected.

And I’d love to know what data you’re basing “a large swathe” on. You cannot assume everyone is wanting something from a few folks saying things in the forums.


What am I answering here? Sorry, it’s pre-coffee


Well… um. How about you first?

Where are the large swaths of the Wattpad Community who feared for their privacy due to the Activity Feed? Where are their threads in the Forums, begging Wattpad to remove it? I have not seen a single one.

I have however, seen many threads like this one, of people ruing the day when the Activity Feed was removed in order to make it easier for Wattpad to track its users and collect data on us as we surf the Web.

This thread now has over 600 posts. Please direct to a thread where hundreds of posts exist, asking Wattpad to remove the Activity Feed.

Gabby also said that the code for the Activity Feed was too much trouble to rewrite, as Wattpad continues to change its platform to one that mimics Facebook.

Also too my friend, we’ve had this conversation before. So I will leave it here. And I thank you in advance, if you do find for me the threads where people have asked Wattpad to get rid of the Activity Feed.

And also as well, I thank you for another rousing debate – even if it is about old news. :slight_smile:

And as per our normal discussions I’m afraid you’re making assumptions, but as you also note, this is a discussion we seem to have often


You can read these posts where Angel @Angelic_Vamp tagged you for your opinion:

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There are a couple of accounts like that for staff use only. This isn’t something that’s open to general users.

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Thank you


Interesting :thinking:

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