Did Wattpad's Chapter Limit Change?

I know that you can go up to 200 parts on a book, but a few people somehow manage to get an extra one or two parts in there.

Heck, even one Wattpad story is completed and had 203 parts total. So is it still the same or not?

How old are they? I don’t think the limit was always 200

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Book was posted in 2016

That might be it? I don’t know if the limit was the same back then :thinking:

So is there chapter number limit right now ?

There are a few glitches that allow it, or at least allowed it. Impossible to replicate on purpose tho

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We had that limit in 2016

Yeah, it’s 200 chapters.

@sarakbeeksma Huh, hmm… Then I don’t know. Sounds a little odd. :thinking:

Probably a glitch. I think I have some stories (art books mainly) that have 200 published chapters but 5-6 drafts.

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200 chapters is the big limit (I hit it once).
Occasionally, a rare glitch allows more. In the distant past, there was no limit.
Supposedly, from past posts I read, more than 200 chapters was more likely to get corrupted, so they put the limit in place.

It was. I discovered the limit the hard way in September 2016