Did you figure out my clues?



Clue #1
Waterloo = University of Waterloo alum

Goats–pictured here

Clue #2
He sits nearby my desk and also works on the same Labs squad as me.
He’s the reason The Clubs exist – with CSS injection and all.
But now he’s planning Wattpad’s future :reading:
His initials are I & Y

Get it?

Ivan Yuen: co-founder and co-creator of Wattpad is coming to do an AMA Wednesday, June 20 at 2p EST


Be excited, and let us know in this thread your questions and what you think Wattpad’s future will look like. VR stories? Blockchain copyright?

You know how I spent these last few months on Clubs? Where would you point us to work on next? What do you need and want so that we continue being your #1 place for stories?

Also–let’s grill him on old Clubs! :slight_smile:


I am proud to say I was clueless.

This looks cool though!


@SWKata here’s where all your questions come in!


also he listed a cover contest here: Wuxia Fantasy Cover Contest - Winning story will be featured!


Wow… Ivan! He’s nice and really kind :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for this, Lauren @uncleL. You really are our miracle lady :hugs:


This will be interesting. I’m looking forward to it already :wink:


And you said I wasn’t close to guessing it. :joy:


So…no baby goats :sob::sob::sob::sob::pensive::smirk::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing::prisim:


Oooh I have the perfect question…

What exactly does Wattpad mean and how did you come up with the name?


omg you don’t know? :prisim:


Sadly I do not. I shall now hang my head in shame.


(If you have a cow :eyes:)


@uncleL got my brain stuck on goats. Ivan seems like a SUPER cool guy–but, I mean–he’s not a baby goat.


I think I know this one (only because I’m old enough to remember texting when it was annoyingly hard). Back in the flip phone days–if you wanted to type a “R” (for example), you had to hit the number 7 three times because “R” was the third number associated with the number 7. W-A-T-T-P-A-D can be spelled under that old texting system by touching each number ONCE (9-2-8-8-7-2-3).


Oh man I remember those T9 days. My dad still has one of those phones :laughing: But he’s also almost 72 so him and a smart phone wouldn’t go very well.

Still not sure how the correlates to Wattpad though :laughing:


Who is Ivan Yuen? Hope that helps.


Oooo! Your dad is almost the same age as my dad!

I wanna say I read about the origin of the name WATTPAD a long time ago. Then again–you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Then again and again–my memory isn’t the young spring chicken it used to be. :smiley:


I remember looking but don’t remember ever finding it. My memory also isn’t the best. It’s very very selective (like I can’t even keep my own books straight without making cheat sheets for them) But yes, can’t always believe what you see on the internet. If I did, then I’d believe there is a gnome stealing all my socks.




I also give hint to what Wattpad stands for. Edison