Didn't get the job :/


Got an email saying they found someone more qualified and a better fit.

How do they know I’m not a good fit? They didn’t even interview me other than five minutes on the phone.

And how fucking qualified do you need to be to work at a deli in a grocery store???


Eh, don’t let it arse you.
You wouldn’t have gotten on with whoever hires by your reaction anyway.
Something will come up.
Also, work of any description can be hard depending on the day. Even a deli counter. Show them meat slicing suckers some love :smile:


Wow you don’t need to be rude when I’m clearly upset.

There’s nothing wrong with my reaction or is illegal to be upset about needing a job now?

And I never said it wasn’t hard and I obviously wouldn’t have applied if I didn’t respect the job.

I’m just stating there’s not much qualification one needs to work a deli counter versus a job where you need a four year bachelor degree.


Who was being rude? I said don’t let it bother you and the way they spoke to you means you would not get along with them.


Also put the end bit because any job is hard and your last comments sounded like you did not think that :woman_shrugging:

I will not bother in future, it’s not the first time you have taken my comments as a dig when they were in fact a “Chin up, plenty more jobs”


How am I not supposed to take “you wouldn’t have gotten on with whoever hires by your reaction anyway” as a dig?

It sounds like a jab at my entire personality.

And also I don’t even remember who you are so I can’t remember ever falsely assuming something regarding you. Though I don’t deny it might’ve happened. Misunderstandings are a thing.

But seriously, I don’t get how you could not take that line as anything other than a dig.


Your reaction to the way they worded their email. Do you think you two would get on?

Anyway, I am not arguing with ya. I didn’t mean it like that but if that is how you want to take it then good on you.


Yeah, because that’s not my normal reaction. That’s me being upset because I really fucking need a job so I can live and I’ve been searching for a long time. I feel like that’s obvious. I don’t think me venting about my frustration has much to do with my professional life considering everyone vents at one point or another about other people and their situation. I don’t see why I’m any different.

And I’m not arguing with you. I’m just saying how I felt. If you can’t see how it could make me upset then whatever. That’s not my fault.



Are you just going to like posts or comment?


Am I not allowed to like posts?


Thats a little controlling, don’t you think?


No. I was just wondering. You do whatever. I was curious.


If you can’t see it was a nice post not a nasty one then that is not my fault either.


Or you could say “I think there was a misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to come off that way” with or without a ‘sorry’ and it would’ve all been totally fine?

I mean that’s at least what I aim for during a miscommunication or misunderstanding.


It was rather direct, which I apologize for. I didn’t mean anything by it other than sheer curiosity. I apologize if my tone conveyed something else. You do you, you know?


NO! I said nothing wrong & have spent the last ten mins trying to explain that. I wouldn’t have commented at all rather than comment to be a bitch, Anyway last post as this is pointless. Hope you find a job. Take care.


The whole point with miscommunication is that it’s no one’s fault and no one is wrong but the two miscommunicators still apologize to each other for the miscommunication and assure each other everything is fine.

At least, that’s what rehab taught me.

I get you didn’t mean to but it still doesn’t make it less valid since it still made me feel bad.

Thanks. I hope I find a job too. Too bad I’ve applied to every place in this town. :confused: Take care as well.


And I’ll apologize if I end up coming out harsh or anything. I don’t mean to and I don’t wish to upset people.

I’m just really upset because I’ve been looking for work since the Summer and I live in a very small town with very little opportunities and I’ve been applying to literally everywhere and still haven’t gotten so much as an interview even if I’m doing everything right. It’s upsetting and I feel worthless and like a leech on society and yeah, some of that feeling is going to come across in posts in regards to being jobless.


Look sis, @WellyBoots wasn’t being rude towards you if anything she was only trying to cheer you up with her sense of humor. I get it you are upset over not getting the job, but you can’t let it get the best of you. Maybe it wasn’t planned for you to get that particular job maybe there is something better in store for you in the near future. I believe you will get a job may be one better than the one you were applying for. Keep your head up! :smile:


Just seeing your apology. I respect it!

Maybe you should move away from your town. Have you thought about that? Sometimes a little change is good for the soul.