Didn't get the job :/


I thought she was being rude and took her words as such. I don’t think misunderstandings are a crime and neither do I think that good intentions invalidate the fact that I originally felt like it was a dig. I accept that it wasn’t mean to be and all I ask is for my feelings to also be accepted in return.

I doubt it. I mean I’m a fucking useless blob of shit. IDK if I’ll even get into college. And I’m 22. I’m so late with everything and not getting the jobs around where I live make me think I’m destined to be a fucking leech.

Also out of curiosity is your UN pronounced like “Hazel” or something different?


I can’t. I’m still learning how to drive and still have a hard time by myself and the nearest place that could be considered a bigger town is over three hours away.

I applied for college in Eau Claire in the fall which is medium-size-ish and I’m hoping to get in but I don’t have much hope for any of that stuff.

Sadly where I live it’s either you get out when you’re young or you become a single mom or dad and work a dead end job in a dying tourist town forever.


If you really want to, you’re never late to apply to even a community college.


I know exactly how you feel. I’ve applied to many jobs since leaving school three years ago (I think it’s been three years anyway), and I’ve still had no such luck in getting one, and it doesn’t help that I’ve got no qualifications or a CV (which the shit school I went to didn’t even show us how to make one). All I’ve managed to do so far to earn money is by babysitting for a family friend.

I have my name and phone number down at a few places though in case anything comes up, but like I’ll ever actually hear from them…


It might sound useless to say, but you’re just so young to set your mind on that end result. Some people are getting their GED at 25, and that’s still young. You still have so much years ahead of you.


I’m sorry you didn’t get the job :confounded: it always sucks to apply and then not get it. Good luck finding a different one! :sparkles: :four_leaf_clover:


I don’t think your a useless individual. Who in their 20’s 30’s or even 40’s has their life together? I’ll wait. I’ve seen you on the forums and I truly believe you do add to these threads.Your a beautiful girl with a spicy attitude. What that tells me is your a woman that knows how to stand on her own to feet, stand up for what she believes in and isn’t going to take any one bull.

Yes my name is pronounced like Hazel.

It’s never to late to go to college. Don’t allow your age define you it will trap you in a box. I applaud you for taking the steps.


Don’t worry dude I’ve been there on the job hunt and it is rough.


Sorry to hear that :frowning:

I have four years total in fast food experience along with cash handling and I get told that for some jobs. It’s really ridiculous what some companies are or aren’t looking for. You can be qualified and the best fit, but they go with someone else for reasons unknown to us.

But I wish we knew what those reasons were.


Sorry about that. That rejection email is always the second worst thing (the worst being when they don’t even bother to tell the applicant).

I promise something will come up, though. For the longest time, I was the person that couldn’t get a job anywhere (I didn’t have a first job until I got to college!) and I finally got one after years. You just gotta put out a LOT of applications and hope for the best.


Thanks everyone <3

sorry for being snappy


I really appreciate your words. I can get down on myself really easily.


I would really recommend using a job search like Snagajob, Indeed, or Adecco. You should also look into getting help with your resume and have a mock interview with you. A resume can really make all the difference.


Unfortunately that’s the form response and you’re going to hear it a LOT during job hunting. I’m looking for a better primary job since I’m tired of working 2 dead end jobs. I have 13 years experience in what I’m looking for and I’m STILL getting the “we found someone more qualified” speech. Don’t even get me started on being fresh out of college and being told I need experience to get experience. It’s frustrating as all hell.

So as much as it sucks, get used to hearing it because you unfortunately will probably hear it again and again and again. You’ll hear it so much you’ll really wonder if it’s true but it doesn’t always have anything to do with you or your qualifications. Just keep putting yourself out there and eventually someone will take a chance on you.