Dimensions and Templates


A Quick Thread of Templates and Dimensions

What’s up? It’s me, your friendly neighborhood scribble.
I don’t think I’m the only one who has felt confused by the formats and dimensions of wattpad graphics. Therefore, I went ahead and played around a bit with the format on illustrator to see what worked and what didn’t. I can’t promise for certain if these are entirely correct.
Anything I upload here can be found in this folder as a png as well as a pdf file.
This will be updated as I go into depths of wattpad formatting.

We start with the profile header. This one was difficult.

I’m fairly certain the sizing is a few hundred pixels off (here it’s 1224x323, instead of 1590 x 490 which I’ve been informed is the right one) but the circle corresponds with your profile pic. Or it should. If it does, it’ll also work on mobile, though I have yet to add where it cuts on the phone.

I’ve also played around with the cover and added some design theory to it.


The wattpad cover is around 512 x 800. The lines are also known as golden ratios, which is a mathematical theory that I don’t get enough to explain in detail. Basically, these are ratios that the human eye tends to really enjoy. Following some of these guidelines, can bring your design to the next level.
Hmu if you have questions.

Next up I’ll be looking at profile pics and the in-book banners.