Disappeared story



As devastating as it is, it’s somewhat comforting knowing I’m not the only one going through this. :sob:


It sure can be.

Hmm, something odd just happened. Someone voted on my still missing story (Rise of a Guardian Angel) but I still can’t see it. So either it came back for a bit and vanished or it’s appearing for (some?) readers but not me for whatever reason.


My story is back but with 0 reads instead of the 11k. Really hoping that’s a temporary glitch too. :crossed_fingers:


Does Wattpad have the concept of things being server side/client side?

I do not know how certain technologies work.

Like, can a thing exist as data still in a data base on a server, presumably, but the user just doesn’t see it displayed on their end?

It seems like that if a story can receive votes but another user doesn’t view it as available.

Also, were those effected from all over or in certain regions?


Seems to be pretty spotty


I’m on the European server - and my story has returned with reads now. So it’s all good here.


Oh thank God, my baby is back safe and sound. Statistics and all. :cry: I was literally crying yesterday because when things on Wattpad are said to be deleted, it’s unreversable. That would’ve meant a whole years worth of milestones went done the drain!

Luckily, Wattpad responded quickly and said that these missing novels are still in the database however they’re trying to retrieve them for viewing on our end.


My entire story disappeared last week or so and now I can’t find it… Usually I can handle random chapters but the whole thing just vanished.


I’m not sure if this issue is still going on, but two days ago I lost one of my stories and only noticed it today thanks to a reader. I really hope it’s only a bug and it’ll come back, because I’d be devastated to lose it.


It’s all fixed or it was but if your story is missing try troubleshoot, if app then check latest WP version, and wait a little more?

But if nothing then ticket please but also have backup for anything happening. (I also want to say if you’re a chromebook user then have backup files. my sis had repair from google and I guess only chromebook, google wipes files :grimacing:)


This will probably sound stupid, but what’s troubleshoot and ticket? (I don’t have this story backed up, but I wish I would have done that I’m so stressed)


First, are you web or app user?


Both, I mainly use the app but I sometimes use the website too.


https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/203852950-Troubleshoot-issues-on-Apps App

https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/203853060-Web-Troubleshooting Web

https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new This is ticket

All this link you need web to access them when you use mobile. :slight_smile:


I’ll try those, thank you so much. I really hope my story isn’t gone for good; it’s been missing for about two days and I really hope it’s just a glitch.


I hope so too. Sending my :four_leaf_clover: and :pray: it comes back


Unfortunately the troubleshooting didn’t work :frowning: Just waiting for Wattpad to respond to my ticket now. Do you think it’s most likely a glitch since I didn’t delete it myself?


It would be that I’m afraid which is sad :frowning: But if you send a ticket HQ would response to your email only on weekdays since they don’t open weekends and canadian holidays…

I also forgot but be sure to check ticket record. Go to ‘Help’ then upper right ‘sign in’ and click ‘my activity’ and all this works only web. It’s a place to check your reports and see if ticket made through or not (you can also add screenshots from your file there but only to HQ.)


So, you think they would respond tomorrow? I’ll keep checking, though.


They might. It might depends on how many reports sent to them