Disappeared story



One of my characters lost his story about a chat he had with Wattpad’s AI member, Zo (yeah–that sounds weird on so many levels). It was a tad on the naughty side (there was a sock and croc involved), but nothing anywhere close to the other stuff allowed on the site. Anyway–I hope it pops back up. Anyone else still missing stories?


Hi, this isn’t about a deleted story, but I’ve tried sending tickets to Wattpad but they never respond to me. All I get is an automated response back that isn’t even about what I asked them to help me with; I don’t know how to reach a real person, does anybody know what to do or how to contact them?


Bug report and did you check ticket record? Also how long did you send ticket?


Well I sent one a while ago and they never responded, and I just sent another one last night and am waiting for them to respond.


They don’t open on weekends and you have to check ticket record to make sure your ticket went through or not.

You need web but go to ‘Help’ then upper right ‘sign in’ and click ‘my activity’.

If it says ‘solved’ and no staff reply that might be a problem. Also through this one https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?