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Wow, that was some Purple Prose. LOL

There used to be an annual Purple Prose award for published novels.


It’s also vastly less painful to fix.


If you aren’t a fan of Word - there’s also Scrivener which was created to handle very large manuscripts.

It will also create epubs, which can be loaded directly to your average e-book vendor, no matter who it is.

I bought mine during November, when they were running a special. I adore it, even though I don’t know all it’s quirks and capabilities.

Literature and Latte - home of Scrivener


LOL - very neon.


There still is. The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.

Not quite purple prose, but the worst opening of a story or something like that.


There is also the annual Bad Sex Scene in Fiction awards. A prestigious award dating back to 1993!




I’ve read a few of those. Had tears running down my face.