Discussion thread–post AMA with Ashleigh Gardner



Closing that post so here we can discuss insights, etc
link: Wattpad AMA - Wattpad and the Publishing Industry with Ashleigh Gardner

Wattpad AMA - Wattpad and the Publishing Industry with Ashleigh Gardner

Did anyone ask any questions about the Wattys? I can’t believe that slipped my mind, especially with the opportunity to work with Wattpad Studios if you’re a winner. Ahh.


Well I think @uncleL was planning on trying to do another chat specific to the Wattys so that’s why I held off on those questions :laughing:


No one asked lol


Yeah–I’ll get the Watty’s in here and also they’re doing an AMA on Twitter soon! Will send the deets when I have them


Reckon we could get Lynn @lynns13 to come here for the Wattys thread, Lauren @uncleL? :slight_smile:
We do have Samantha, but getting Lynn here would be a great too =]


I thought I saw something earlier, on either Twitter or Instagram about it earlier!


I’ll ask!


Yeah, I think it was posted, or at least I was told that it was but I didn’t see the link yet on Twitter


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Lynn is a real gem :heart:


Find out anything from @ashleigh that was surprising to you?


I could’ve sworn I saw it on Instagram earlier, but now I’m not seeing it?

Oh wait, I see it on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/127093020051/posts/10160463543055052/


Yea, please tell us about the Twitter thing over here on clubs. I rarely check Twitter.


Twitter, Facebook, Update Book, Forums, Newsletter, Wattys Page,

oml, there are too many places to a keep a track of!


The biggest thing for me was:

  • Looking at writers who want to go into the publishing industry
  • Knowing the works are drafts and looking at the strong points

Those two really resonated with me. I might be a bit sappy here, but it’s always been one of my goals to be a Wattpad Star and work with Wattpad on serializing my novels while also being able to make a career from writing. Seeing those two answers gave me a little bit more hope that what I want can really happen.


Not surprising, but a serious relief to know to know posting a rough draft isn’t a strike against hope. Ever since I was plagiarized I’m a lot more comfortable posting only rough drafts, but I did worry it would hurt my chances of ever actually getting noticed for something like the Stars or Wattys or really anything.


Ashleigh gave a new writer like me- hope. Like the way she stated they look for stats and data, and everything. And feedback from readers. And they look deep.
She reinforced my belief in myself =]


What’s update book?


that’s awesome :lonelywriter:


The “News and Updates” book that @Wattpad maintains?

Since Wattpad doesn’t do any posts directly into people’s notifications tab (Which I think is SUPER DUMB and they TOTALLY SHOULD DO), it’s the only way users hear or get information on anything that Wattpad is doing.