Dismiss Recommendations



Let us dismiss recommendations we aren’t interested in. It’s been driving me crazy.


I agree with this. I love when stories are recommended to me that in no way relate to anything have ever read or would read.


:rofl: Yes! especially when you do BCs!


Awe but how will I know I might be interested in reading myself if my books aren’t recommended to me?


I love that as well. “Well, I certainly hope you think that’s my kind of story, as I am the one that wrote it.”


I would just love it if someone one day didn’t recognize it was their book (like maybe it was one they wrote a long time ago) and so they started to read it and were all “Wait a minute! SOMEONE STOLE MY STORY!”


I get recommended Stories from my other account all the time.

OH another thing that’s needs to be fixed. On the Website if I try to delete books out of my library they reappear. Extremely frustrating.


This is a bug! Usually I’d recommend creating a new topic if you have another idea, but we want to make this a bug-free zone! If you’re having bug-related troubles, send in a ticket to support! https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Please try to keep all bug-related conversations in a different area, as we want to make this category work, but we do need some help from you guys keeping it in line! All topics should be about a single feature suggestion, and if you have another feature suggestion/thoughts on another feature? Create a new topic! :pray:


Some of my stories in my library won’t delete or even go to the archive. I wonder if it’s a similar issue. I’ll look into it!


I just looked and did they finally get rid of that “people you should follow” area? I didn’t see it on the main Wattpad.com page with all the reading lists. If so…thank God! I hated that area :laughing:


It would be great if they could make it where you’re able to hit like an x kinda like youtube lets you for their recommended.


Or something like “see more of this” or “see less of this” I might actually be more inclined to look at the reading lists if I could finally get them to lean toward books I’d actually consider reading. I’m just not interested in fan fic, bad boys, CEOs, and werewolves, but I get those books recommended to me a lot At least I did when I last looked at the reading lists on the main page which I will fully admit has been a few years. I basically stopped going to that page when it became nothing but readings lists. Now I just go to my profile directly.


For some reason my mind didn’t recognize this as a bug xD


I REALLY REALLY MISS The homepage being what people post on their wall, Barely anyone actually uses the reading recommendation stuff.


I understand that recommendations aren’t based on nothing, but it would be useful to be able to indicate “not interested”.

I know on Youtube they have that. I can click their little “…” further options icon, then select “Not Interested” and that recommendation disappears. It’s briefly replaced by a box that has options like “tell us why”. Then I can tell them whether it was the content, or the creator, or maybe the previous thing that recommendation was based on that I didn’t like. Or, I can choose not to say why.

Some reasons might be that the recommendation is based on something that was read as part of a service or a book club and so doesn’t represent something I normally would want to look at.


Or an ad blocker for promoted stories? Or maybe I’m just tired.:confused:


Can you explain this idea a little more? I think I’m a little confused


I’d actually forget my books existed if they weren’t constantly recommended to me.

Thank you Wattpad, for reminding me books that I wrote are still on Wattpad and that I would maybe like them too.


Ah it’s a reference to the Firefox add on called Ublock origin. Essentially it defaults to blocking most advertisements, but you can also individually create a blocker for advertisements that the software had missed.

I use it to block follower recommendations on Twitter.


I’d love for all the tags generated by my recommendations to be shown on my homepage in some sort of editable format. That way, I can click to exclude one of them and when I do, the page could adjust its recommendations to get rid of everything containing that tag.

I realize it’s like, a bajillion tags since the homepage is endless.