Displaying Reading Lists On Stories



Fun idea!

I’d love to see reading lists located on a stories homepage, with lists the story is included in. The lists would be randomized everytime the page is loaded, that way different lists would get attention. These lists would be located, preferably, at the bottom of the page, under the details / recent comments /etc. Displaying lists could give readers another mode of finding similar stories.


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Can private reading lists be a thing?

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Yes! Yes yes yes! It would make it so much easier for readers to find other books they’d like or even other profiles who share a similar taste. There’d be chances for more people to bond over books, especially for the niche genres! All around love this!


Design wise, there’s a similar feature on Unsplash. At the bottom of the page, it shows what “collections” the image is in.

In Wattpad’s terms, the “collections” would be the reading lists.

Example, on one of my images on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/CPc0lH68Yto


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I’m sure the data exists to do this, because I’ve seen screenshots and comments about how there used to be a similar display (though not on the story’s main page).

I’m not sure why that feature might have been removed in the past, so I have no idea if there was a reason for that.

Would there be privacy concerns? IDK. I think the way it is now the action of the user adding a work to their list shows up in their actions and the author also gets a notification.

I mean, it would only be public reading lists, not libraries.

I wonder what happened when they tested it, like if there just didn’t seem a lot of click-thru from that. I have no idea.


Maybe it was removed in the past because it made private libraries redundant?

I think to an extent their would be privacy concerns. Like if someobe really likes a fetish, but doesn’t want to be seen as liking that fetish, but the publicity of the lists with everyone known may deter them from wanting to read more etc. I can see users making another profile for this sort of thing especially for smut etc


Actually yeah now that you mention it, some of my books have been added to different fetish reading lists and uh… My books don’t have that fetish in them, so that could deter some people from continue to read them.


It could also be that the system was or could be abused. Like when someone adds a work to a list with a name like “worst books I ever read” or something. I mean, the user has the right to file the books as they see them, but at the same time…well not everyone has thick skin, let’s say.


Which sucks btw. It’s not fair on authors who misinterpret the story’s happenings either to think that such things are fetishes etc…


Exactly :slight_smile: