Diversity in Fantasy


Sure. They’re representing themselves and their culture.

The CW is a TV network that features many YA and DC comic book shows.


I would love to see more racial diversity in fantasy, and I think the best way to have that is to support writers from diverse backgrounds. Read wide. Read books by authors of different races. Often people say they want diversity in fiction, but their reading habits don’t reflect that.
When I was in Junior High I tried to like Harry Potter, but it bothered me that all the main characters were white. I used to be upset that she didn’t include more diversity in her Harry Potter series, because I’ve been to the UK and it is a diverse country. I’m not upset about her stories anymore, because In order to see more racial diversity in films, TV, and books we need more racial diverse writers, directors, actors, producers, etc to play a role in creating entertainment.
When diversity is supported (people purchasing the products) in fiction, movies, TV, etc then more of it will be featured. Also, I think this applies to all forms of diversity–magical creatures, race, sexuality, ability, etc.