DNYL - closed - finishing requests

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Hi! Does the story need to be posted? I’m working on one currently, but I usually make the covers and post the story at once. :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t have to be. :grinning:

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TYPE: Cover [x ] Blend
TITLE: Calm Before the Storm
AUTHOR: Laura Ann Lee
SUBTITLE: Jon Moxley Fanfiction
IDEAS: I was thinking you could use one of these photos; https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f4/fc/b3/f4fcb3a98fee5e429fce7e103f66b104.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/27/84/2d/27842d90d74a8b49c5ad54eb7f7a5039.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/736x/83/06/82/830682a5eb1d82828f8beac46d6855ad.jpg Do you know how to draw white lines that are basically tracing some of the photo? If so, I would like some white tracing on the photo. I would prefer a cursive font but whichever works.
ANYTHING ELSE?: Thank you!! Could I request again?

Sub (I might request for blends)

Accepted, do you want the lines on the whole character or just some. I could do both so you could choose. Also you can request again.

Just some. Actually, do both if you don’t mind.

Hey! I want to request a cover but I do not have any definite ideas in my mind… Could you give me some ideas?

Sure you could choose a style from my examples or give me elements from your story. I could could make some you could choose from.

What happens is…
Alexandria is a royal princess disguised as a warrior so that she is safe from other royal clans. She has supernatural powers… she has to go through many people and other clan members. It’s a historical romance fiction.

Maybe something like this? Maybe a bit darker and maybe the model could be different?

Here are like some that you could choose from. Im also open for doing more or changing some stuff. Thank you for requesting.

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They’re perfect! May I have both?

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Yes, of course. Thank you for requesting.

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TYPE: Cover Blend
TITLE: Watching You
AUTHOR: Dredge
SUBTITLE: (OPTIONAL) Thanks for reading (above title,)
IDEAS: I was thinking Lily James and Jeremy Irvine standing on
either side of a tree with their initials carved into it “R.P. + A.P.” and behind them a
house/garden. With a gif of Jeremy Irvine. Or Lily and Jeremy standing
next to each other with a lighthouse in the background as well as the gif.
pictures and/or inspiration) http://i.imgur.com/KCu16Sr.jpg
ANYTHING ELSE?: no, thank you.

Accepted, thank you for requesting.

TYPE: Cover [ x] Blend
TITLE: Twisted Intentions
AUTHOR: weareyoungwriters
IDEAS: (Please provide substantial
details such as character description
or model/actor/face claim, settings
moods, colors, significant objects
pictures and/or inspiration) I would like a hand reaching to the sky, or a hand with a flower in the palm of it, doesn’t matter the skin color just as long as it’s a hand maybe under a tree or reaching for the sky, or in the flowers, male or female is okay… or maybe three friends two girls and one guy on the cover walking or sitting down, maybe even just a journal… and whichever idea you choose could you put the white outline around the one you choose?
ANYTHING ELSE?: (Gifs are allowed
for blends, you can also ask for
other details or leave a message/
request. thank you so much xD

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Accepted, I could try almost all your ideas. Thanks for requesting