DNYL Club (Recruiting Now)

Broken hearted? Why don’t you join us here? This is DNYL ( Don’t Need Your Love ) Club. Everyone can enter without exception. You only need to fill out the form below.

Username :
Real Name :
Age :
Why do you want to join here? :
Pronouns : She/Her or He/Him

Here’s the rules :

  1. Don’t talk about love
  2. Don’t cry
  3. Just think of yourself
  4. Follow my account and I’ll follow you back
  5. Be friendly

I formed this club inspired by the song Don’t Need Your Love : NCT Dreams, HRVY. Maybe, there are some of you who know about the song.
The point is, have fun!

Cause love is bs

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Hey Tavia! Welcome to the club

Your age same as mine by the way

That’s cool!


oh i just remember you from the one topic

Yeah, you’re right.

I’m good. It’s late for me and I can’t sleep :sleepy:

It’s night there? Cause in my country it’s still noon.

Man, you’re lucky

It’s 2am where I’m at

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Why you can’t fall asleep?

Whoa, you better go to bed right now

lol wish i could. But hey, I’m not alone. There’s you I’m talking to right now and one of my friends whose also awake for some reason

Don’t know why I can’t sleep. i just I’m just really energized right now

Don’t fall asleep if so. Cause I’m so bored and no freinds to chat with

No friends at all?


Well perhaps we can become friends.

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