Do comments ever get to you?

Random topic but…

Have you ever gotten a comment that just kind of bugged you a little? Like, for really no reason. For example, say someone raved about your story but then last minute said something like “it just sucks that it sounds too much like random name here”. It doesn’t even have to be a comparison either. It could be them commenting about the setting taking place in a forest when it’s actually taking place at the MC’s house.

I understand the whole point of comments is to get other people’s perspective but I have noticed there are some that just…get to me in the strangest way.

I find it depends on my mood. If I’m feeling a little too sensitive ( :smile:) I step away from the comments and go through them later.

The majority of the time I find it was me being overly sensitive and there was nothing wrong with the comment :woman_shrugging:


I once had a guy tell me my language was “too British” in my Fantasy novel… I’m from Australia :joy:

I’ve also had people constantly correct my spelling to the American versions even though my blurb explicitly stated I use Australian English and grammar.

The above tend to annoy me the most. Most other stuff I let slide.

Edit: If they are obviously not paying attention to the writing then their comments don’t deserve your attention either, imo.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just me overreacting lol :joy:

When I was younger (6+ years ago), they did. Now, I’m just like…meh, okay then lol.


Writers are a sensitive sort :smile: I’m doing so many read for reads at the minute and 99.9% of comments have been said with the best of intentions and I can use them to improve. Saying that, negative feedback is never fun to hear


:joy: I’ve never thought that would be a problem for people lol usually I just read it no matter what kind of version it is. As long as I can read & understand it, I’m good you know?

I’ll be sure to keep this in mind. Tbh I just didn’t really know how to respond to it or if I should’ve responded at all

Anyway, like all artists, writers aren’t spared criticism. If you can’t handle the fire, step out of the kitchen, so to speak. Developing a thick skin and taking the feedback you get with a grain of salt is all part and parcel of it. Sure, it hurts, but you can’t let it hold you back.


Not always. If people make a huge deal out of something like taking something out of context with the story that I didn’t intend to, it may bug me a little. But I try my best not to be effected by comments because you can’t please everyone nor are you going to have the same perspective as everyone else. There will always be that one person in the group who looks at everything differently. So why worry about something that may not be a problem? :woman_shrugging:t2:


That’s true. Usually, when I get a negative comment or a strange one like the ones I described, I would ignore it and go about my day but lately, it’s been a bit harder to do.

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I think the dude was just nitpicking to be honest. He asked for a review exchange on his best work. I went in, spotted a bunch of flowery metaphors that didn’t make sense due to using words in contexts that didn’t match their dictionary definitions, and pointed them out while most other comments just gave it praise regardless of the fact it was legitimately nonsense…

e.g. “—the ring of her hammer echoed rhetoric.”

I’m still not sure what that is supposed to mean.

In general though, I think it’s just something you have to get used to. Take every comment with a grain of salt. Mood definitely will have an effect - no one wants to hear a disappointing or nasty comment when they’re in a down mood and it will spin your perspective towards the negative.

If someone doesn’t like your story for reasons that don’t appear to be justified, they’re most likely just not part of your target audience.


Well, you can’t please everyone. It’s not your job. The main thing is making yourself happy when you write. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Parabellum Preach.

I think some writers get so caught up in the popularity race that they forget this.


I’ve had comments that have made me go :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but never any that got under my skin.

Back when I was younger and much more sensitive, I’d probably get my feelings hurt pretty often.

But now I’m an art school graduate so I’m used to getting all kinds of critique from annoyingly overly apologetic critiques (my least favorite type of criticism to receive. Just spit it out, buddy. I can take it), unhelpful critiques (ex: that looks “wonky”), to scathing critiques (my professor has thrown my designs in the trash can once or twice lol).

You just gotta take everything with a grain of salt and realize that in the end, most people are giving you advice to help you, not hurt you.

Also you totally have the option to just ignore any comments/advice if you don’t feel like they’re applicable and do ya own thang lol.


The only thing that does bug me once in a while is when they point out things they are guilty of themselves. Like they would say, there was not enough build up for a romance in my chapter twenty, and in their book, the MC got swept of her feet by chapter 2…


I used to be like that, too. Over time, I just learnt to take things in stride. I’ve got bigger problems than a snarky comment or two - like bills. :joy:


I tend to laugh at stuff like that because it gives me definitive proof that I shouldn’t take their words to heart.

This kind of thing is why I’m not a fan of review exchanges. It makes people look for things to “critique”.


Definitely needed to be reminded of this because some comments have been making me wonder if I should be writing at all and whether or not I should continue on with my story.

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I was the same when I started putting original fiction online. I started off writing bad Twilight Fanfiction and it gave me a big head :joy: Then I did a few rounds of The Review Game on FictionPress and it gave me some perspective, haha.

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Some people are just too hung up on the whole popularity thing, sadly, and would trample others in their attempts to achieve it. It’s just how any online platform works, so the best we can do is not be like them. Build others up instead of breaking them down.