Do genres matter anymore to us?

I want to propose a thought experiment. Please, enter my world of hypotheticals (I promise no rugs will suddenly be pulled out beneath your feet):

Do we need every category from Wattpad reflected here or is there a better way anyone can think of to focus these different genres?

I feel like cutting up writers by genre creates segmentation that isn’t really needed. Especially with story rankings out now, is it possible that the genres should have different titles, groupings or not exist at all?


While the genre clubs are the least active of the clubs, I do think you might upset a lot of people if you did away with them. While I don’t spend a whole lot of time there, I do visit the fantasy club occasionally to participate in some of the fantasy related games.

Genres are definitely still essential to have. Some people have questions specific to certain genres and it might be harder to answer if they’re lumped in with everything else.


I’m so torn about this. There’s some genre clubs that are quite active, like fantasy, then there are some that are hardly touched. With the tags combining genres, that brings in a whole new slew of questions. Hmm.

For example, paranormal, vampire, and werewolf are technically subgenres of fantasy, so could users use fantasy as a whole for a wider range of discussions or does separation help?

I’d be interested to see what others think.


Maybe poll users on it and try to get some of the genre club members over here to vote? I could see doing away with some of them, but not all of them.


I think keeping the genre clubs will make it easier for fans/writers of certain genres to find each other, especially if it’s a genre that’s not as popular like Historical or Spiritual.


Which Clubs should I post in to try to get relevant input over here?

That’s where I’m at. Like I said, quite a few of the genres are technically subgenres of fantasy.

I feel like the main genres are:

  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Fan Fiction
  • Teen Fic

rip paranormal


I’m saying that as mainly a paranormal writer, lol. Paranormal is technically a sub genre of fantasy.


@Makaylasophia I agree with that list. Then maybe there could be an all other genre club for everyone else. Though I might say keep horror and/or paranormal.

@uncleL honestly… all of them. That way if one club does get shut down in the change over you can say you gave them a chance to be heard.

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It is? I thought fantasy was more open world and new world/creatures but paranormal was more same world and ghosts/weird supernatural things?

OK i’ve started posting over there!

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Fantasy has a lot of sub genres. Fantasy can take place in another world (usually epic fantasy, portal fantasy, high fantasy, there’s so many), or there is fantasy that takes place in our world (such as paranormal or urban fantasy).

Fantasy would be the main genre (or category), and the others would be the sub genres. Vampire and werewolf are usually elements of fantasy, particularly paranormal or urban fantasy, instead of actual genres.

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Though this brought up a question in my mind, what will happen to the SYS threads if a genre is deleted in the change over? Can you create a club that’s closed to new threads except ones created by mods? What I’m thinking is have one SYS club and then a thread for each genre to advertise in, but lock it so that nobody but mods can start a new thread. Then people still have a place to advertise but it wont be a free for all like the SYS club of old.

The only reason vampire and werewolf had their own genre to begin with is to keep them from dominating the lists as they were. But the tags basically did away with that anyway so does make sense to unite them back under a fantasy club. If we find theres too many werewolf/vamp threads that it’s hard to find anything else then it can get reevaluated at that time.

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A club genre is a must and stays there. The problem though is there are people who wants more something like LGBT, Zombies, and something something I can’t remember, which is why I don’t understand when you can just have zombies thread in let’s say Paranormal or if it’s LGBT then you can put in Romance or any genre thread.

Couldn’t the same be said for vampires, werewolves, and paranormal? Those could just go into fantasy, since they’re subgenres of fantasy.

That’s true but the weird thing is I never thought vampire, werewolves, and paranormal as Fantasy. When I think of Fantasy it’s wizards, mermaids, elves, sometimes demons.

I could see why there would be a need for an LGBT club. That way they could have a one stop shop for all their threads since not all LGBT is romance. Can’t be easy to be spread out over multiple places. Like I know the cafe and IYW both have an LGBT writers thread. Has to be hard trying to keep up with both threads, especially if the topics tend to interlock at any time.

So that one I could definitely support it becoming a new club and not specific to any genre.


I think werewolf and vamp. should be kept separate from para. and fantasy.

  1. because there are so many writers in each genre
  2. WP writers have gotten used to the genre separation
  3. There might be too many fantasy books (combining three big genres, it would be harder to find specific books)

Though to be fair, with this new ranking system everything is just mashed together (until its tweaked, which I assume WP is always working on improving)

@Angelic_Vamp I agree, I think its because we are so used to WP’s genres.

Plus the urban and high fantasy. Many fantasy books take place in a different world (not all, but many), and werewolf and vamp. books seem to ‘typically’ stay in this world.

@Prisim I think it’s a good idea!!! An LGBTQ+ club would be nice, even if its not a genre!