Do Ranks Help ?



Does Having A Rank Help More People Read Your Story Or Is It Just For Show ?

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I have no clue. To my knowledge they’re supposed to help, but if so, I don’t get any readers from it, because just stories aren’t getting discovered despite ranking high.


I’m not sure if they are that helpful (sorry), but how did you get all of yours up? Mine doesn’t let me do that :confused:


Honestly most of the time ranks don’t even show up for me. The only real relevance they have is the order a story will show up in when someone searches that specific tag. Unless you’re one of the top 100 or so that doesn’t seem to do a whole lot for you.

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They are supposed to help people get noticed, but personally I never use them or even look at the lists and rankings anymore. I rely on reading lists for all my reads, or word of mouth.

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Back when the genre rankings were a thing, it definitely did help as your reads would be proportional to how close you were to 1st place, but when the new ranking system came in, they’ve become mostly useless.

The only time the tag ranking system has boosted my reads was when my story temporarily ranked 1 in romance due to a algorithm change, and that brought me like 5000 reads in 2-3 days. It was wild. Apart from that (a very extreme instance), they have virtually no effect.


I think they help people start to recognize you as a user and feel really cathartic. I’ve seen a few reads come from them.


How does that work?

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I don’t know where any of my reads come from. A few people have said from the community, but other than that, I don’t know how people find me.

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To find books… I rely on my friends reading list to find good books, since the hotlists are a mess

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Yes, I have found that the hotlists are the same books over and over and most are filled with things people call me out on, but they’re accepted as hot.

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The algorithms pushes books with lost of reads, so its reallllyyyy hard to infiltrate the hotlist ranks. Maybe its changing though.

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It does make it hard for those of us trying to understand the best way to tell a story to attract readers, when those with sooooo many reads are filled with errors that make me cringe. (Not saying mine are perfect at all)


Ooof, I totally agree with this. Just today I saw a couple of stories have a huge number of reads and are filled mistakes of all kinds.
I just feel bad that there are so many writers out there who write really good stuff but it doesn’t get as much reads or readers


Has anyone checked the rankings page and then gone to said rankings only to find their book isn’t ranked that?


Yeah and I really don’t understand it at all.

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I truly dont know. I know its supposed to make your works more visiable to other readers but sometimes it doesnt feel like but sometimes it does. I feel like that’s like a developer question. I’m just putting things out cause I hope yall enjoy what I write and read others work

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They probably help when they’re actually working. :wink:


Rankings alone may or may not help you, but they come from your tags and those tags DO help you. Someone searching for the tags depressed, killing, and ghetto will find your book fourth out of six books, so it makes you much more visible to use tags. Yay! (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭‧˚₊̥✧

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I dunno. Has the system ever worked?