Do Vampires in X Fictional Universe even do Romance/Procreation/Sex?

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Do vampires in a fictional universe you read or write have human-like sexuality and/or ability to procreate with each other or humans?

The answer likely gets touches on the Our Vampires are Different trope.

How might or might not they be different in this sense?


I’ve been playing around with this a lot in an effort to make my vampires rooted in some semblance of science.

So my vampirism effects people at the cellular level wherein causing cells to replace themselves perfectly and rapidly, taking up more energy than they can produce for themselves, hence drinking blood. Because the cells replace perfectly they do not age or change (unless you full on chop off their arm or something) so women don’t menstruate. However, men do still produce a low amount of sperm and so can impregnate human women very rarely, though this almost always kills the woman or turns her into a vampire, thus killing the baby.

But my main character’s family are a mutation and they sit a little more on the human side of vampire and can theoretically reproduce with others of their own kind.

As for sexuality it’s largely the same as it was when they were humans, however the added intense senses can kick their sex drive up a bit if they’re that way inclined. I have an asexual vampire who has tried sex and it felt great but he still feels no drive for it.

plus vamps tend to sexualise blood but that’s a whole world building thing that I have left out of the book but best believe that there is vampire porn


Procreation is not possible. Sex is purely a tactic to gain prey and to be intimate with your lover whether they are human or immortal.

Sexuality works the same as us humans but I think after some time, vampires wouldn’t be so picky about who they were loving and how they expressed that love.


What do yours get up to in the bedroom/crypt/alley/wherever?

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In works I’ve read (or seen as movies/TV) there’s a wide range or spectrum of vampire sexuality from vampirism causing individuals to be dead/impotent/infertile to hyper-sexualized vamps that prey on virgins and prefer to bite certain areas. They can be apparently the same sexuality and orientation they were in life, or sometimes, seeming to seek vampiric forms of intimacy with humans in general.

In my own works, they tend to retain sexuality and orientation they had when human, but they additionally have a vampiric attraction for blood which sometimes leads them to be physical with donors who don’t necessarily match sexual orientation. It can depend, sometimes if they view the human more as prey or a willing donor, but then some don’t really make a distinction.

And when the two attractions do align, it can sometimes cause them angst. Like, when a reluctant vampire type character comes to the realization: I’m murdering members of my own community.

The ones I write don’t procreate in the sense they have vampire or half-vampire babies. I know in some fiction they do. I just didn’t go with that.

They only have dhampirs when a pregnant human is infected with vampire blood.

They could still have sex, though. They may not need to so much, but they can.

How come they have an attraction to blood? Is it a vampiric evolutionary step when turning into a vampire the need to have blood to survive gets conflated in the mind with the human need to procreate?

In that universe, the origins of vampirism as somewhat supernatural, but at the same time known to as result to evidently involve changes on a genetic-like level.

So, theoretically, the drive for blood and accompanying fascination and taste for blood are adaptations that allow the…(not necessarily precisely) viral-like component to thrive and reproduce through vampire bloodlines.

And/or the mixing of blood from various vampiric bloodlines produces slightly different abilities, so there may be some advantage/adaptation in the sharing of blood between those already turned.

This is a fun question.

In my world vampirism is a disease spread through blood contact. Vampires are human, just with a select set of symptoms associated with their disease (light sensitivity, heightened sense of smell, weakened immune system, and, not an effect of the disease itself but of its treatment, a slowed aging process). As such, they can procreate with humans or other vampires, but generally choose not to, especially in the case of the mother being a vampire. Both because of the risks to an infected woman and the baby during pregnancy, and the fact that the baby would likely be born a vampire, it’s generally avoided if possible. Of course, there are still plenty of children with one or two vampire parents.

As far as sexuality and sex in general, it’s pretty much the same as with humans. A vampire’s orientation doesn’t change when they’re infected, nor does their view of or willingness to have sex, unless the switch to the will-burn-up-in-direct-light-without-this-cup-of-blood lifestyle happens to. My main vampire, Xam, was infected by his now-ex-girlfriend, a vampire named Jordan, several months into their relationship, and they had been having sex before this without Xam experiencing any dangerous or vamp-y effects. Though it sort of killed the relationship for them, considering Jordan considered her spontaneous decision to infect him romantic and Xam didn’t, Xam’s vampirism hasn’t changed his sexuality at all. However, it has put a damper on his thoughts of children. He doesn’t like the idea of living decades longer than his children, considering his prognosis is close to 200 more years, and considering his current very serious girlfriend is also a vampire he doesn’t want his children born with the disease or to put her through the dangers of pregnancy.

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because of the nature of Supernaturals in general, they can’t procreate. People die and become Supernaturals [the type of which is mostly randomized] or become corrupted and become half-vamps. From there, they can’t engage with humans for the most part, let alone have sex with them. As for each other, well…

They can still love and have friends and have sex but there’s no offspring that can come from it.

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Procreation by sex is something easier for male vampires in the Pint universe, and it’s how you have humans in later generations with a gene in which if they are turned would make the transition easier as opposed to the transformation killing them. It’s not so easy for women because of their cycle, but if they do get pregnant the pregnancy lasts for the usual 9 months but leaves them somewhat weak.

For humans who have been turned by vampires (those not born to vampire parents or have at least one vampire parent born to two vampire parents), they can’t reproduce sexually because they’re not exactly living, nor are they exactly dead. They can reproduce by turning other humans into vampires but it’s only after 50 years or so after they’ve turned.

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No, no sex, sex, they are undead, sex isn’t their thing anymore.

The “romance” at most is long-term friendships where they connect deeply and stick together. Mostly they stick together to survive in a world that could take them out. Yes, they are not invincible. Also since they were human, to begin with, they do have some human basic emotions and behaviors, including grouping up.

And they will have human things going on, like politics. Yes they can’t have sex, can’t eat, and are definitely not human anymore. But many still hold unto some very human behaviors.

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Some of my vampires like sex, others don’t. The ones who don’t are a lot more into feeding (and they were ace when they were humans, so it’s not like they grew a new sexuality after becoming a vampire) So it depends on the person. The vampirism doesn’t really have anything to do with it. But then again, they’re not traditional vampires.

They can’t procreate though. That ability died when they did. They become vampires through Death (which is a goddess) choosing them and sends one of her deities to “revive” them. So they have to actually die first, which means bringing anything to life is over. Vampires can’t turn other vampires. Only deities of Death can. Or Death herself.

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I’ve kinda sorta broken the rule on procreation :hushed:

With my vampires, they either bite a human to infect them or have them drink their blood. The males can still have sex as normal and produce sperm. If a male and female vampire mated, they would produce a vampire child.

With my male vampires, when they procreate with humans, the child can be fully human, fully vampire, or a half-breed. Basically it’s a game of chance. Family history doesn’t really play into what the child will be, but I tend to go for half-breed/hybrids


I think vampires would be able to have sex. After all, the rest of their body works so why not their…y’know. Procreation is iffy. I personally don’t have it in my novels but I like the idea of it. It depends on the vampire mythology, really.

I feel like vampires would be able to experience romance, considering they can still feel other emotions too. One of the things about vampires in general was how they would seduce humans to feed on, so I think that idea plays a big part in it.


Sorry if this is considered a dead post!

But I was just thinking about a bloodsucker we’re all familiar with - the mosquito - and how only females drink blood and only to produce more mosquitoes. Now I have this amusing vampire-only-drinks-to-procreate picture in my head.

Some universes have vampires that grow, and procreation makes sense there. For vampires that can only be turned, I’d guess it depends more on how many bodily functions work afterward. My personal thoughts: how can you replace cells if your heart doesn’t beat? Does the blood do it for you?

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I like the mosquito observation.

And, man, there are just as many theories about vampire physiology as there are vampire series, probably.

I mean, they could not have heartbeats, or they could. Depends, I suspect, somewhat on how they rate on a scale of dead -> undead -> living.

Like, the ones I write do have breaths and heartbeats sometimes but not always. :confused: