Do you change manuscript name from Wattpad one for Query?

The same question as in the title.

I would

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Not if you’re doing it to conceal the fact that it’s already been show to (a subset of) your target audience. Some agents and publishers don’t care if your manuscript has already been on Wattpad, but some do, and they won’t be happy when they find out you’ve deceived them.


Interesting, you bring this up. What if the manuscript is highly different, changes and all, from the version on Wattpad? Say, because the version on Wattpad is just a rough draft.

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You tell them the first draft is online on wattpad for feedback


Ohhh, okay. And you would tell them that after they choose to represent you or before? It sounds weird, but the way i’m thinking about it, makes sense in my head lol.

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Some of them ask about it in submission forms, so I always put ‘draft on WP for beta readers, can be removed’


Before. Always be upfront with them.


My thought, don’t lie, so if they ask tell, and if you get an agent tell them everything, but don’t advertise the fact that it’s on Wattpad unless part of your sell is the number of followers etc. If you’ve self published it on Kindle etc be up front with that and know before hand that self publishing it will be a non-starter for 99.7% of agents.

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No, I don’t intend to self-publish on Kindle unless i get laid off. I just want to send a novel to a few agents.

Best of luck. I find, quarytracker has the best list. Don’t pay, just use the free version and always check the agents’ site. Also don’t confine yourself to the agents’ submission guidelines; send in what puts your work in the best light.


Thank you, i’ll work with that list. Mostly, I just wanted to try direct submission to Harlequin/Impulse etc, but might as well add a few agents.


What if your self-published manuscript has changed significantly to the point that it’s vastly a new story? Will that make a difference?

Self published or posted on Wattpad? These are radically different.

If it’s actually self published, then you’re in a bit of a pickle. If it has almost no sales, then I’d pull the self pubbed version COMPLETELY, change the title, change the character names, and make sure the story is drastically different (and improved).

I’d still be honest with the agent who offers rep, though. I’d tell you pubbed too soon, recognized your mistake, and pulled it. Be honest about sales numbers. Tell her all you did to ensure the story is very different.

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it was self published. I pulled it over a year ago now. I changed a lot of the story. Characters were added and removed as well as entire scenes.It wasn’t available very long and had little sales. So I should only mention the self published part if they decide to represent me and not in the original query letter?

Good question, and honestly, I don’t know. I think I would NOT mention it in the query and wait until you have a phone call. They might decide not to offer – and you need to be understanding about that – but I think the explanation is better saved until after they fall in love with it.

Just be sure to have the facts. They need to know how long it was on sale and how many copies sold. They need to know the extent of the changes. Chances are you’ll be FINE, but honesty is the best approach.

I agree with the honesty part. I also like your advice on how to explain the situation to the agent if it comes to that. Thank you very much.

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What @XimeraGrey says on how to handle this. Don’t mention it in the original query but be honest about it to your agent if they offer representation. You might even use words like, it’s loosely based on a novel I tried to self publish but then gave up on, or something to that effect and then explain exactly what the difference are etc.

All right, I’ll have to remember this. Thank you.