Do you find it logical?

Do you find it logical that some of us have to deal with grammar, fragment sentences, plots and emotions. While we could just add werewolves bad boys and some Kpop and we’ll get million of views?

I’m just saying… I find it illogical to hear that improving my grammar will bring me more readers when honestly the world today just want the same generic unoriginal uninspired tasteless dry cracker-flavor story.

I think you are a little too focused on reads. Either right souly for you and your own entertainment or conform to right for mass appeal.

If you want to write for others then improving your grammar is just a simple step towards appealing to a larger audience. You have okay sentence structure but things like saying “logic” or “illogic” almost work. You are just missing a few letters. As you should be saying “logical” and “illogical”.

Generic stories exist. Be better. You will either enjoy your own work or eventually, people will see the hard work you put in and enjoy your stories as well.


I know its tough when genres do better than others, regardless of how well they’re written. That really really sucks and is sometimes super discouraging…

However, let me just say every writer should be aware of their grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, etc. no matter the genre or story. It’s a courtesy to your readers and the craft. Just because someone gets more views doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work hard on our stories. The hustle will pay off eventually, it just might take a little longer for your work to circulate through WP’s algorithm.


Romance is a genre. Werewolf kpop bad boy caucasian is the norm.


I’m not sure what you mean by this statement.

All I can say is write what you love, not something that you think will attract views. Because in the end you will be disappointed with your work. I know Wattpad is a great place to share your work and I absolutely love this site, but it’s not the end-all-be-all place for authors. Once you get out into the publishing world, the werewolf kpop bad boy caucasian isnt the norm.


Oh sorry, it’s because in French we say “c’est logique”, so in my mind logique = logic, instead of logical.

That said, I don’t think people will see the hard work. If you ask me how much faith I have in people, it’s negative. I just don’t think people will make choices that are relatively decent to me.

Idk if I want to publish though. I don’t trust the publishers either.

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I wish it was true. The werewolf-bad boy-Korean heartthrobs writers also fight a daily fight for recognition & 99% of them struggle just as much. It’s not what you write, it’s how well you sell.

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Your opinion is understandable. I rely on other’s good faith all too often. And it’s interesting to see there is quite a strong French community on Wattpad. You seem to have an almost perfect grasp on English so I didn’t even consider you might not be from a Primarily English speaking country.

I see you wrote a zombie story which is completely up my alley. so I’ll give it a look and comment on any small things I see.


I don’t see those writers promoting every day in share your story (one of the most useless service, but anyway)

That’s completely okay if you don’t want to publish! (self-publishing is an option as well)

I know writing can become discouraging when you are putting in the hard work and it isn’t paying off but that comes with being a writer. I was always told if you are going into writing for the fame and fortune, you will be let down. It’s not an easy job, because you have to sell to make money and most unknown authors barely sell 1k copies of their book.
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up the hard work, just write because you love writing. Not for anything else.


I don’t want to argue with you. I understand where you are coming from and hugs…

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Same! Sometime I just want to wish to never have faith in people again. Strangely, people tell me that I should have more faith in people, but I am actually one of the persons who give the most faith in people and then I get disappointed the most.

Thanks by the way for the English compliments.

I completely agree. It’s just that I have downs where I just become full-on bitter.

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Thanks a lot! hug back

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I totally understand, but from my personal experience, being bitter didn’t get me anywhere. It only brought me down and put me in a bad mood. Sometimes we just have to keep our head up.
You aren’t in this alone, it’s okay to be angry. But don’t dwell on it, try and move forward as best you can. Remember why you started writing in the first place, because its something you love. :heart:


Thank you much!


I totally agree with @annasteffey - don’t make yourself unhappy because those trendseekers get more reads than you. Write what you know and love - write the things you like to read. That’s what I do.

And remember: The more “writers” in here flood the library with their K-Pop-Werewolf-nonsense, the greater chances your story has for sticking out, because it is unique.


Thanks a lot! <3

I can’t say much because my story has werewolves :joy: :joy: :joy:, but it’s not like these story-types you mentioned, so it’s harder to get readers anyway, most of them just come here (to wattpad) to see the story of the girl who falls in love with the bad boy.