Do you get free periods in 11th Grade (US High Schools)?



I’ve read in one or two stories where high school students have a free period but I’m not sure if that depends on where you go to school in the US and what grade you’re in?


It depends on the school. When I was in 11th grade I didn’t have a free period. Then again, I only had four classes a day. And on Fridays we had advisement.


at my school, only seniors could have free periods, and only when they were on track to graduate


Wow only 4 classes, I read in one story that there were 7 and then I automatically assumed that that was everywhere. Sorry, I have no idea what advisement is?


Ooh okay, that makes sense, thanks for the response


At my school, no matter the grade, you can have a free period, as long as there’s nothing you can fill it with. Not a lot of freshman have a free period (I only know of three or four that do) but almost every senior has a free period because we’ve cleared all of our required classes already. So there’s a fair chance at my school that as a junior you’d have a free period.


Tbh, I have no idea what advisement is. I was in the “special class” for that period. But, it is basically like a home period.


my school only had four classes a day too, but most people had eight classes in total. we were on an A/B schedule, so on A day you’d have your four A day classes, and on B days, the other four. our home room was always second period. each class was 90 minutes long with 35 minutes in between for lunch.


but other schools in the district did all eight periods in one day so it varies a lot


Okay that’s helpful. Just curious, how many required classes/subjects do you have to take?


So is the A/B like one week is Week A and the other is Week B? Also, I’m assuming that if there were 8 classes in one day then they wouldn’t be 90 minutes long each? That’s just if it’s 4 right?


it actually alternated every day. like if Monday was an A day then Tuesday would be a B day and so on. if Friday was an A day, Monday would be a B day. and yeah, i think the classes at the schools with eight in one day were about 45 minutes or shorter.


Three years of math, two years of a science, four years of English, two years of a language (my school offers French and Spanish), two years of PE, and one year of an elective, three years of a social science (history). My school is split up into trimesters, and each class is two trimesters. We have five classes a day, btw. So, for instance, the only classes this trimester that are required for me (senior in my third trimester) is government and English.


That probably isn’t as complicated as it sounds but why can’t it just be all A days in one week and B days in another?


i mean there’s no reason it can’t. it was just kind of nice not to have the same classes every day for a week, especially if you had one you didn’t like. i also feel like putting a week between class periods would probably be less effective than putting a day between them, plus working out holidays when every week is the same set of classes would probably mean having more of one of the weeks than the other. but if you want an A/B week schedule in your story, and i say go for it!


So I’m assuming since some of them are 2 or 3 years, that means you can drop math and/or PE when you’re a junior or senior?

And with the science, is it 2 years of biology/chemistry/physics each or you just pick one of them to do for 2 years?


A million (AKA seventeen) years ago when I was in high school, we only had free periods in Grade Twelve.

Semesters had four periods each, and we needed to have thirty credits to graduate. That left two free periods, but we had to get our parents to sign off on it because if we failed, we couldn’t graduate.

This is in Canada, not the US.


Oh wait so if it’s the same classes every day for an A or B, are they all in the same order too? Then I understand why you wouldn’t like that. I had an A/B week at my school but every A day was slightly different.


So if your parents didn’t give you permission to have two free periods would you have to take extra lessons?


Yep. It was a safety net if you failed a class. Of course, if you had failed any classes previously, you couldn’t have a free period, anyway.