Do you guys think this cover is good enough, would you be interested based on it?

Here it is:


What genre is it for? I think the title could be bigger/more obvious. But it’s a personal preference.

Fantasy - Anime Inspired

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Oh, then yes for the genre it’s great! But as I said, I’d make the title bigger, make it fill most of the white space. + maybe put the author’s name?

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Yeah my name is coming lol, forgot abt that. I’ll think abt making it bigger, I feel really cozy with the current font size :confused: :sweat:

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Do you think my name is fine there?
Or here:


I wouldn’t make your name bigger than the title, because people look at the bigger text first, it is what the eye catches on. It is confusing if what you read first is the author’s name (unless it’s a really famous author whose name carry a lot of importance :sweat_smile:)

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There’s a person that’s been replying for the past several years :laughing:

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EDIT: oh this turned out to be long, sorry

I prefer the second one, the negative space gives the text room to breathe. liking the clean, minimalist look ^^

is the purple color of “alpha” very important, or would it work if you made it blue like the author name? my only problem with it is that the purple doesn’t show up anywhere else on the cover, which breaks the cohesion a little imo. another option is to make the text black since that’s also part of your established color scheme. I just think keeping it limited to three strong colors (plus black and white) might help

also, have you considered moving the pictures around? the first image looks very charged with emotion, but the second two seem much more indifferent, which I think makes it a bit of an odd read. I’m not saying changing the order will necessarily improve the read or fit your vision, but it might be worth a shot just to try it. I will say, I do like the red-blue-yellow order you have here, color-wise. I guess an alternate option would be to find pictures of the other two characters making more intense expressions to match the first one (even if they don’t have quite that level of intensity. it can be good to vary it up).

one last thing (though this is pretty minor). while I do like the crisp detail of the red dude, it sort of clashes with the comparatively lower resolution of the other two images. I’d suggest putting just a slight blur filter over him to match the others (they seem to have one already). I doubt it’ll make a difference when browsing books on Wattpad proper, but it’s something you can see when posting on a forum like this.

I hope that didn’t seem too harsh or nitpicky, you’ve got a good vibe going here ^^

(oh, I would also check to make sure those images are allowed to be used this way, and/or if you need to make some credit or attribution somewhere. just something I feel obligated to say since I’m an artist myself, haha)

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sorry about that, I tend to get very into talks about design :’)

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I really wish I could get more emotional pics, i’m stuck with these though. Unless some miracle happens. Didn’t make them myself is the issue, just GImages.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:
Oh, yk, I’ll see about the credit. wouldn’t like someone taking my stuff like it’s theirs either :cold_sweat:

I’ll do it the other way around and change the author color to purple.

Damn, I lost all of the previous layers. i’m stuck with everything except the author name :man_facepalming:

yeah, I figured that was probably the case. ah well, it’s not a huge deal ultimately.

no prob! I enjoy design stuff, haha.

I don’t know what image editor you’re working in, but is it possible to select different elements, copy/delete them, and past the copy into a new layer? that’s what I do when I accidentally put something in the wrong layer :’) fortunately since most of your cover is white, it shouldn’t cause too many issues.

GIMP, I could try but i’m worn out from what i’ve done so far lol. I’ll get back to that if I need to.

that’s understandable, haha.

either way, what you have now should be fine for thumbnail-size, I think.

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