Do you have any collections?


I collect Wattpad books that have been published! Although I sort of don’t wish to buy books like After or Chasing Red because they don’t interest me. Here it is:

Natasha Preston biased

Books I want to buy:

  • The rest 2 books in Kate Ling’s trilogy
  • White Stag when it comes out
  • Coral and Bone
  • This Would Be Paradise


That’s kewl. I don’t have much of a collection. I do have some manga stuff though :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile: I’ve never read any manga


I’ll take a photo soon of my Berserk. I have every copy. It’s a wall of spines lol


Okay! :smiley: I’m sure it looks good xD My bookcase is organised based on book height so all the colours are mixed up and it looks meh


Nice. I just have stuff crammed into a book shelf. You’ll see soon enough


Because you don’t have any more space?


Kind of



So many :open_mouth:


Yup. It took a while to get all the Berserk ones. Was super stoked to get all of Akira and a bunch of Junju Ito’s stuff :slight_smile:


I wanna buy comics at some point - Probably Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.


I need to read that series. At the moment, I’ve been reading the complete collections of Allan Edgar Poe. It’s been fun.

I did have a chance to purchase a huge amount of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels for a subsided price, but I turned it down. Kind of regret it now. But from what I saw of The Dark Tower’s art, it looks awesome :slight_smile:


I haven’t checked out any works by Edgar Allan Poe yet.

Maybe you’ll have another chance at some point and yes the art looks awesome!


Not at the price I had it at. I was getting over 25% from the stock since the comic store was closing. I turned it down because it was going to cost me nearly $1K for a hell of a lot of works


okay 1k is way way too much


But there was a lot of books. Like 18 or something ridiculous like that


1k is still too much to spend xD


It is…


@SWKata @AWFrasier showing off books