Do You Like Anime?


Oh really? You should really watch them. who do you like in BNHA?


Sorry I had school :sweat_smile:. I ADORE Mr Aizawa


Up until two years ago, I was turning my back on anime, thinking them weird and childish (based on irrelevant pictures and people’s opinions).

Then two friend of mine urged me to watch Last Exile and Clannad… I realized then that I had missed for years the most incredible storytelling medium of this Earth. Animes are incredible with how much they do with so little (compared to “real” movies, and CGI, and all that technological stuff.
If anyone else is hesitating to watch animes, here’s my honest and earnest advice: absolutely watch them. All the best-ofs titles you will find are accurate: they are awesome, and you won’t regret it.


I got interested to watch Persona 5 now…


Oh really? Well Aizawa sensei is cool. I’m more into The A team (Bakugo, Deku and Shoto) and Eijiro


They are great especially Shoto but in terms of power i love Aizawa :smile:


Omg Clannad got me hard. I never cried so much as I had in this Anime, especially the second season of it.


If Aizawa were to tie his hair up, he’d look so cute!




OMG!!! Aizawa Shota is killin it! I literally forgot what episode this was in!


IKR!! I think its after they were at the camp and bakugo got kidnapped


If only Aizawa would do that everyday at school and training…


Ikr :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Same Here ^W^


Have you watched full metal alchemist brotherhood?


I was going to but I didn’t have the time.


Its so good!! Watch it :smile::smile:


Today’s episode of SAO ep 10. WTFudge? They deserved it but the scene was more disturbing than ALfheim


Yeah I will


Is anyone here a collector? I have quite a collection (oof, I’m not too sure if I’ve posted this topic in here or not, but hello all!)