Do You Like Reading Or Writing About Unattractive Face, Chubby Girl Romances?

Hey everyone, i’m just curious on your opinion on the subject. My book is centered around that, but i’m just wondering what is it about unattractive girl stories that you particularly like or dislike? Or what are just your overall thoughts on it?

I have no problem when ppl write about the chubby girls being the mc, I like those stories, even reading two.

What I hate is when the female antagonist is portrayed slim and model like and then made to wear short stuff and she’s automatically considered a slut.


Well “unattractive” is subjective to each person, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I dont think a ‘chubby’ girl is unattractive by any means.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plenty of people find “chubby” people attractive.
So being chubby and unattractive are in no way mutually exclusive.

But no writing about a bigger girl having a romance is fine on the whole.


Wooaahh there
Why are we calling women sluts in regards to how they’re dressed? The definition of a slut is ‘a woman who has many casual sexual partners’ albeit that’s not even a bad thing. And frankly nobody but her and her partner’s business.

I know you probably meant well, and would rather read about a female with idealistic body shapes, but lets not try and bring others down :hugs:


Trust me not every slim person considers herself model-like and I’m speaking from experience. Being compared to a toothpick or advised to eat more is not something to be happy about, neither is being made to take multivitamins.

For once, I want to see a slim person made an mc and not someone that has an hourglass figure considering herself as far- not that anything is wrong about. Just something I want to see maybe there are books like that

In my story, the female protagonist is slim, but I don’t think I described her as beautiful, She’s just average or slightly cute.

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Oh no like what I mean is they make her wear short stuff and consider her a slut

I totally understand what you’re saying, but a persons outfit does not equate to their sexual behavior!

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Like there’s nothing wrong about wearing short stuff or putting on makeup. Sorry if you got it the wrong way

Nah I love reading books where the MC is uncoventially attractive. It just makes it that much more cuter when the love interest starts liking them and seeing them for who they really are. I love em.

That’s exactly what my book’s about lol

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You’re totally alright :hugs:
Everyone has different ideologies/practices when it comes to outward appearance, all I meant was to be aware of the context when you use a word like slut. I hope what I said didn’t upset you either.

What’s it called, I’ll add it to my list

I can’t give you the name, but the initials are TLH and the cover is with a cute boy with black hair with a red background. If you click on my profile here, you’ll see the name in my bio

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Going to second what a few people have said already with beauty being subjective, but I do enjoy reading about unconventionally attractive main characters because they are physically more down to earth. But if the main character villainies everyone considered typically attractive then they’re no longer likeable and I can’t finish the story.

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Cool, found it

I wasn’t calling anyone a slut I was saying that’s how some authors put it in their books or in the comment section you literally see ppl calling the female antagonist a slut not that I was calling her a slut. Do you get what I’m trying to say

Ahh, I see now since you’ve edited your original post! I understand and agree with you!

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Well, i think in mine the mc is cynical and distrusting of everyone (I don’t consider her mean) cause she’s bullied a lot , but over time, this melts away and she turns out to be a really soft and caring person. It’ll have realistic character development