Do you like the new nested replies?


What do y’all think of the new reply system on here? Do you like the new nested replies? Do you like that it reposts nested replies to the general discussion?

Discuss below.

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l like that replies are nested. I HATE that they repost outside of the reply chain. It’s confusing, stupid-looking, and adds clutter to already busy threads.


Honestly I dont even look at the reply chain. I’m used to it all being seperate posts like in the current clubs. So my nested replies don’t appear unless I click on them, thus I only see them once. I like the nested is there so if I ever do get lost in what is a reply to what, I can drop them down to check. But I never use the nested replies until I need them.


I feel like having nested replies not being posted outside the reply chain would be confusing.

Then you’d end up with one thread with, like, a ton of “subthreads” jumping off from it.

I can only imagine how quick it would take before it became a mess. o.o;

Just like @Prisim said, I also like having nested replies to give context.

Sometimes, a person replies super late to you and you forgot what you said.

Context helps a lot and prevents the user from having to scroll way back.


This. I cant tell you how many times I got lost when someone was all “in response to post #444 I agree” and since theres no search for post number on the current clubs, I had no clue what they were talking about lol now I can either search for the post # in reference or if they did reply to me, click on my little head by the reply arrow to get back to that post and see the nested replies…well on the web. I don’t think mobile has nested replies (unless I’m just blind…which is possible)


I like it!! And everything @Prisim said. :grin:


Yes! I agree with that.

I do like the nested replies, but I normally don’t click on them. However, they’re very nice for quickly reading several replies instead of annoying things like “agree with post #444.” I have to go back and see what the post was sometimes and it was something so trivial. Waste of a minute lol


Mobile version does have nested replies. :slight_smile:


I’ll have to look for them next time I’m on mobile. I haven’t had a chance to really dive into mobile since the only time I’m on it is at work and I have such limited time on my breaks I’ve had other things to play with LOL But maybe tomorrow when I’m on my lunch break I’ll see where I’m missing the nested replies. Even though I know I won’t use them much, it’s good to know how to find them.


That’s my case too but the complete opposite. I do not have time to sit on my computer so I do everything on mobile (including writing - is it weird that my flow is better when I type on mobile?)


I’m very old school. Mobile versions of things usually bug the crap out of me. I mean even Wattpad I use the desktop version on my mobile browser because I like it better. And I only use the app when I have no choice. These clubs are one of the few places where I liked the mobile version on my phone better than the desktop version.


I will be honest and say that the web version of Wattpad annoys me a lot! I am too used to app I guess. I use the mobile web version to access clubs and when I click on my profile or library it goes back to app. I prefer it that way.

I’ve always been a mobile web girl. Also I am too restless to sit on my ass and stare at thr computer for too long. Mobile helps me with that xD


LOL And that’s how I feel about the App.

I think because both of my jobs are very computer centric I’m very comfortable sitting in front of the computer for long stretches. Plus apps and smart phones didn’t really become a thing until I was almost out of college. I think I was 25 by the time I got my own smart phone. So creature of habit and all that.


I can totally understand. I think I am a creature of habit too considering I did join wattpad through my mobile and downloaded the app first.

I just never moved to the web version xD


I’m fine with nested replies. You can take them or leave them when they’re nested without having to miss the bones of the conversation.