Do You Love Fake Dating, Royalty, or ChickLit? Come on in!

Hello lovers of Chick Lit, Royalty and/or fake dating tropes. :wave:t4:

I’m Elizabeth and I am currently seeking approximately 2-3 beta readers for my story A Royal Internship which is complete offline and currently posting to wattpad. You can find the first twenty or so chapters here if you want to check it out before agreeing to read more.


Title: A Royal Internship
Logline: To pay for law school, fiercely independent Genevieve has to convince the world she’s dating a prince, or risk losing the job and the man. Again.
Genre: Chick Lit with a strong romance plot line. Nothing mature.

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Fiercely independent Genevieve had her whole life planned out until her fiance dumped her and her finances fell apart. Living with her friend Janet until the college semester ends, Genevieve is offered an internship that could solve all of her financial problems. The only trouble is, the internship requires her to repair the relationship between the press and Prince Alexandre of Montalivet by pretending to be his girlfriend.

With no other way to fund her schooling and time running out, Genevieve accepts the position, but quickly learns there is more to being a princess-in-training than meets the eye. And when she starts to develop real feelings for her fake boyfriend, she has to decide which is more important: her job and her good name, or telling the prince the truth.

What I am Looking For:
I’m looking for someone who enjoys reading these types of stories, preferably with access to google documents, who can provide comments on:

  • Big picture things like plot and character development.
  • Pacing. Are there places where things move too slowly or too quickly?
  • Descriptions and Details. Are there enough? Too many? Are they consistent?
  • Your opinions as a reader. Things you like, hate, want more of, etc.

I am, of course, willing to assist you in some way with your own book if you would like. I am more than happy to beta read a book of similar length or edit/review a shorter section of your book, for example. If you have something else in mind, I’m happy to discuss it.

If beta reading the story sounds interesting to you, please respond here or send me a message on the main site so we can discuss details like timeline and what, if anything, you would like in return. Thanks for reading this far and let me know if you have questions! :slight_smile:

Hey, are you still looking for help? This totally sounds like a story I would enjoy reading and I’d be happy to comment on things as I go, as long as you don’t need me to be done too quickly (I work full time, have hobbies, etc.).

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Yes I am! I will send you a message :slight_smile: