do you need graphics for your book? i got you (free) - closed

HEY! I’m bored and really good at designing graphics (instagram profiles, instagram feeds, instagram stories- for characters obviously, book covers, other kinds of visual content just no videos)

service offered: GRAPHICS

for book covers

info needed:

  • title
  • author
  • genre
  • summary of book
  • quote (optional)
  • colour scheme (optional)
  • any other additional preferences or requests concerning the cover (optional)

for instagram-related graphics

I can make PROFILES (bio, user, followers, various posts, etc.), A FEED (one post), and A FEED WITH STORIES AT THE TOP (4).
ALL of these can be customized to your liking but i’ll need to know:

  • celebrity being used for pictures
  • aesthetic of profile (only for profile)
  • username of character
  • bio of character (only for profile- can include a link to vsco or anything if you want)
  • #of followers, #following and #of posts (only for profile)
  • story (yes/no- only shows the ring around the profile picture)
  • caption (only for feed or feed + stories)
  • number of likes on the post (only for feed or feed + stories)
  • stories above (only for feed + stories, username and celebrity for profile picture-4)
  • phone company, time (optional)
  • battery percentage (optional)
  • comment notifications (optional)
  • like notifications (optional)
  • follow notifications (optional)
  • location (only for feeds or feed + storie/ also optional)

if you’re interested in a logo or another visual graphic please let me know and i’ll probably be able to make it

EXAMPLES OF MY WORK (from my book)

can i submit more than one?

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definitely! just make sure you fill out as much info as you can for the graphic you’re requesting!

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title: Burning The Desire
author: missinglynn
genre: self-discovery and romance
other: if this makes sense, i want you to display sadness and anger through the cover.

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summary: i don’t really have one yet, but it’s about a girl getting heartbroken by a guy and she has to get rid of her lingering attraction for him.

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title: Moving Forward

author: missinglynn

genre: fantasy

summary: After his daughter commits suicide, Ethan is thrust into a whirlwind of emotions and stress. Once learning how to cope with his severe depression and anxiety, he tries to turn over a new leaf by moving into a new house. He learns that the house has seven spirits living in it, Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. They all help Ethan continue to get back on his feet, Pride helps with self-confidence, Lust helps with getting laid, etc. All seven sins also work with Ethan to figure out why his daughter took her life.

make the book cover however you would like to, i wanna be surprised :))

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here’s what I have for “burning the desire” (that summary sounds really cool by the way!)
let me know if you like it or not! if you want me to make changes i’m totally open to it.
still working on the moving forward cover just wondering if you wanted a more mystical or spiritual aesthetic to the cover?

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in case you might like this, this is an option for moving forward

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  • Finding Light
  • ReaperStories
  • Werewolf
  • Aurora Light got pregnant at a party at 13, had a werewolf baby got kicked out of her house with her brother, 3 years later they move to the town of a pack not knowing that aurora is changing and that her son is an alpha. She has severe anger problems that cause her to get extremely violent, and the boy she slept with she doesn’t recognize.
  • quote none
  • colour scheme sea green
  • I would like this cover to be like if I stay (the blocked pictures) with scenes of a wolf (dark and brutal), a little boy in the forest, a girl standing on a lunch table, etc of wolf things, and a backgroung of a family walkin on a beach. (no faces are seen)
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Could you please make a book cover?
Title Chasing the nerd
Author itsnerdqueen
Genre Romance-new adult
Summary Rachel is a popular girl with ash
y blond hair and gray eyes, daughter of a very wealthy shipowner.
Noah is a plain nerdy guy with glasses green eyes and dark hair. A car accident occurs between these two and she makes it her life’s quest to win that guy cause he is the one thing that she ever wanted this badly.
I really don’t have any preference about the colour. I would like it to have a playful tone.
That’s about it. Thank you!!

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Title: An Assassin’s Vow
Author Name: SailorApple
Everyone feared the name Artemis Steele, she was a well-trained assassin who eluded capture, a mateless she-wolf who wore various disguises as she skipped from pack to pack leaving only a trail of dead bodies, and now, she wanted Alpha King Malachai…
Add: Maybe a full moon? uwu

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Hey! Ideally need help with a cover. I haven’t published my story yet. And I’m still searching for the perfect cover. Hope you’ll be able to help. Your work looks amazing!

  • title: Touch Me Not
  • author: Natasha
  • genre: Romance
  • summary of book: I haven’t really written the blurb yet. But all in all. It talks about a rape victim which find people’s touch real frightening and scary after the rape incident. She meets a highschool fellow , which is a physiatrist. And oh well. We know what happens in romantic books. Eh?
  • quote: none.
  • colour scheme: I was thinking either dark. Like black and white. Or light colors. I’m leaning into the dark side more tho. XD
  • any other additional preferences or requests concerning the cover. Not really. And thx alottttttt. :smiley:
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thank you @Natasha_1512 @itsnerdqueen @SailorApple and @ReaperStories for your requests! I’ll try to get them all done by the end of this week. ALSO all your books sound super cool, I couldn’t be happier working on these super cool story covers!


Thx alottttttttttt <3

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Title: Painfully human
Author: Asthetic_Alpha and SofiaCCD
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: It is about an underground world that dwells beneath the humans and is filled with fantasy creatures that can pass for human. An eight-year-old demon brings home her new human friend, and it traces everything from the panic this little human causes to how the two girls get older and eventually fall in love.
Quote: N/A
Color scheme: Blue-sh, black, grey, red
Add: A human girl and a demon/angel girl kissing or hugging and the back round maybe a blueish forest?

Payment: A follow, read any of your books if you published one, and shout out

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Thank you so much! :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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  • title: Mated To The Werewolf King
  • author Ashleynicolexoxo1994
  • genre werewolf
  • summary of book
    Harleigh Ann Ballicker is your average 18 year old girl who still lives with her parents. But at the ripe age of 18 it is the perfect age for her to meet her mate. But when the Hallowswood Mating Ball comes around Harliegh finds herself mated to the meanest alpha known to wolf Cassian Delgato of the Bmberwood Pack. Stories have been told that he killed his parents to become alpha, and the rumors that he killed off other packs have circled. But when Harleigh finds out he is her mate will she run away and reject him or will she give him a chance.
  • quote (optional)
  • colour scheme (optional) what you see fit
  • any other additional preferences or requests concerning the cover (optional)
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  • title SomeDay
  • author BookWorld17
  • genre Drama/Romance
  • colour scheme for the color scheme i don’t want anything really colorful I want the colors to be pretty neutral.
  • any other additional preferences or requests concerning the cover if it is also possible could you do the cover with a man and woman on the front. also you have free reign as well so if you think something would look good by all means go ahead.
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  • author: A.K.REYS
  • genre: Romance, New Adult, Mature
  • summary of book:

“So, what are your other intentions, Mr. Hughes.”

“You are my intention, Ally,” Harvey was taken back by his bold confession. His heart throbbed heavily as he waited for her response.

Ally Marsh is a 20-year-old college student who was always second best to everyone around her no matter the sacrifices she had made until she met Harvey Elias Hughes, a Marine veteran who had so much to give but no one to give to. Harvey wanted a fresh start from his past, and Ally needed someone to understand her choices. When their world collided, neither of them can deny their intense attraction, nor can they hide from it. But will moving on from their pasts jeopardize what they’ve found in one another?

  • quote (optional):
    “You are my intention”

  • colour scheme (optional):
    Light. Pastel?

  • any other additional preferences or requests concerning the cover (optional)

So, I wanted to include covers in each chapter I publish. I have 16 chapters so far, each with different titles based on the chapters content.

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