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In need of a book cover <3

Name: Elias
Genre: Adult Fiction/Thriller/Romance
Author: NotAnyone13

Special Requests:
If you could use the same image or something extremely similar to the one I already have, that’d be great.
If you could incorporate water (He references the feeling of drowning often) That’d be lovely.

aesthetic: Dark, dangerous, mysterious

Random pieces of information: Character smokes a lot, deals drugs, has an extremely troubled past and can be very dangerous. He’s feared by most and is sometimes considered psychotic.

I love her. And if I love her, I can’t destroy her.

Having just gotten out of a mental asylum as a plea deal to stay out of prison, it’s evident that Eli has a past that he’s not gotten out of.
He’s pressured to prove to everyone that he’s a changed person but behind closed doors, he’s still just as corrupted as before he left and lets himself fall back into his old habits quickly.
When a girl comes into his life, Eli is determined to scare her away, not wanting anything to do with her. When his threats only make her more curious about him, it’s clear she wont go as easily as he’d hoped.
What happens as Eli uses all his time to push her away, then realizes he might actually be falling for her… An emotion he’s never felt before.
Aria is going to find out just how dangerous and destructive he can be, and Eli is going to realize that you can’t run away from your past forever.

Current Cover:

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so here are some covers I’ve finished (let me know if you want any changes made I’m open to anything)

  1. @ReaperStories here’s your cover for Finding Light, I hope you like it!
  2. @itsnerdqueen here’s your cover for Chasing the Nerd!
  3. @SailorApple here’s your cover for An Assassin’s Vow, I hope you like it!
  4. finally, @Natasha_1512 here’s your cover for Touch Me Not!

Once again (if I haven’t already said it enough) I hope you guys like these covers as much as I did enjoy making them! With that being said, if there are ANY changes you’d like me to make let me know.

Also, @Asthetic_alpha @ashleynicolexoxo1994 @BookWorld17 @Thatservergirl and @notanyone13 thank you so much for your requests! It will probably take me 3-7 days to get these done, and wow your stories sound amazing !!


Okay thanks!

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Holy crap these covers are SO GOOD


Finding Light and Touch Me Not are AMAZING covers

  • author M Vandagriff
  • genre Fiction/Magic/Lightnovel
  • Arian Clover is a boy out of his element. Always driven by his desire to prove himself, he summons a familiar; surprising both himself and his parents. It doesn’t take long for Arian to be whisked away to Kingfisher
  • quote (optional)
  • Blue & Gold
  • Should sort of mimic japanese lightnovel or manga covers
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thank you so much!

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just a question about your request @Thatservergirl is it only 1 book cover you’re requesting or one for each of the 16 chapters? because 16 covers will take more time to make :sweat_smile:

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  • title - The Perfect Brew

  • author - Sierra Kayy

  • genre - Romance

  • summary of book-
    Ezra is a young artist making his name known in the streets of Manhattan. Life is going pretty smoothly for him, but when he meets a girl at the coffee shop, his life gets shaken up. He thought he knew art in every shape and form , until he saw her walk through the door.

I love your work :heart_eyes:

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No worries! And thank you for considering to work on it (: BTW I love your work!! Especially the first one

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Oh, whichever will work for you. I know 16 is too much and I don’t expect you to do. You can just do a general cover for my book, but if you have time or interested, I can give you more info on specific chapters and it’s content for inspiration?

But just one is totally fine! I’ll still use it in one of the chapters (:


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Hi! thank you so much for your reply and that is perfectly fine i’m in no rush right now as I’m going to finish the story before uploading chapters again and that’s so sweet thank you!

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Amazing amazing amazing work!!! Loved it!!
Just some point though…
Please don’t smack me! >_<
Can you please do the first letters in capital?
Other than that they are completely perfeccccccccct! <33

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@Natasha_1512 here’s your updated cover, I’m glad you like it !!!

@Thatservergirl I could definitely tackle the 16 but maybe at a later date (like in a week or so) because of the next round of covers I’m working on but it’s definitely something I’m into! I’ll let you know when I’m free to start working on them so I can get a bit more info on their content but thank you so much for your request!

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AS WELL, @xojuicexo and @MavenVarner thank you so much for your submissions and hopefully I’ll get your covers out with the next round of covers (in 2-6 days) but if not I shouldn’t be any later than a week from now!


I should probably mention that Arian has a dark skin tone if you use a person.

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Hey! I saw your covers and they’re so gorgeous I HAD to give it a shot and ask you!

Here’s my form!

Title: Her Poison
Author: Maemaemiaow
Genre: Romance
Summary of my book: This wasn’t supposed to happen. He was everything I hated in a man but he was everything I longed for. Sometimes I wondered if I wasn’t paying for my sins. He was irresistible, so full of passion and mystery. I was unreliable, selfish. I swore to myself I couldn’t do this to my favorite band. The Poison had been my salvation, I couldn’t be a freaking Yoko, for God’s sake. But what could I do? He was my Poison, and I doubted there was a cure for such an affliction.
Quote (decide if it’s nice enough to fit into the cover I TRUST you): Love could be labeled as poison and she’d drink it anyway.

And that’s it! I’m lookin forward to hearing from you!

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Omg awesome (: thank you so much! I’ll follow you too so we can keep in touch easily (:

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Wow, thank you!! It’s awesome!!!

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