Do you read/write exclusively in English (as a non-native English speaker)?


Spanish is a beautiful language. I learned a bit in school but forgot almost everything ^^.
One of my favorite song is spanish -> Bebe - Siempre Me Quedara

I get jealous too when I read a beautifully written poem or book in french ^^


My native language (Filipino) is interesting but I found myself liking to read books that were exclusively written in English more. So that leaves me finding it easier to write exclusively in English and find it difficult to write in my native language.

The downside is, I find it hard to express what I want to say in my native language these days. I wasn’t exactly talkative and I mostly spend my time reading and writing so you know. Lol


I hear ya there. When a writer has skill in his craft his native language I get jealous too… Don’t have that so much with Dutch literature honestly as I don’t really like it much as a language, but I’ve read my share of French and Spanish books and it’s true that when it’s beautifully written it’s a joy indeed. Although they end up using a boatload of words that are never used in a normal conversation :sweat_smile:


I’m on the same boat haha


yeah, but i think that applies to all kind of literature, even here in wattpad, we all like big words xD


Yes. Yes I do write in English only despite the fact that I am not native English speaker


I write only in English, despite the fact that I know four languages.
I am just much more comfortable in English than any other language, because that is the first one I learned to read and write.
Also that is my first language in school. So I am more fluent in reading and writing English.


I almost always write in English, not that I have any issues with my native language (Arabic), but I think you reach more audience in English. Also, I’ve been more interested in English literature and therefore my writing skills are much sharper in English than in Arabic.


I also only write in English these days. I can’t remember the last time I read a book in German.


Yes I have the same “problem”. I write and read in English, tho I can read Japanese too. But not Finnish (native). I can’t even read Finnish books anymore 'cause everything just sounds so stupid. And when I write, I can’t describe anything, it just cringeworthy :grimacing:

And the romance in Finnish… Omg.
“I love you” vs. “Minä rakastan sinua” -which no-one even uses :roll_eyes:


I get that too… that everything just kinda sounds stupid in my own language.
I haven’t read much romance novels, but I’m pretty sure I’d be left with perpetual cringe burned into my face if I were to read them in Dutch :smiley:


well i’m bilingual, so half greek and half english and i find writing in english way easier than greek and not because i can’t write in greek, but because it sounds more awkward to me