Do you read your fanfiction?

When I say this, I don’t mean reading it to find errors and such. I mean reading it to enjoy it, like reading it as if it weren’t your book. I do this a lot, especially with old completed books of mine. Like, being your own beta reader, I guess…? I just wanted to know if I was the only one who did this.


I’ve read my Les Miserables fanfic a ton of times because I think it’s so good. I’ve been reading my work in progress to try and keep track and see if it flows ok.

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constantly lol

Yep. Whenever I try to fix it or upload it, I end up reading it and never get anywhere.


Oh, gosh no. I feel like if I did, I’d want to delete it. :sweat_smile:

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Usually after I let it sit for awhile. Then I can come at it like a fresh reader.


Some of them. I was really tried once when browsing through AO3 and clicked on a fic that sounded interesting. I was halfway through it before realizing it was mine. :joy:


Wrote a fanfiction years ago. Do I read it? Oh hell no, lol. It was SO bad

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of course lols, it’s how i find errors
also my fic can be interesting at times even

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Yes, I can reread myself to get into it again x)
Also, after a long amount of time, I forget most of what I wrote, so I can easily enjoy reading it again !

I think… enjoying your own books is the first step on having the other loving them too :wink:


Usually I find my old books pretty entertaining, even if they aren’t the greatest things on the planet they’re passable, and its clear how much passion is on the page :slight_smile: It’s honestly kinda fun


Yes definitely
I have a habit of reading my fanfictions especially the one I’m writing at the moment

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Heck yeah, all the time. My fanfics have all the tropes I like and precisely in the form I like them. And it’s uncanny how the funny bits are tailored to my sense of humour.


i’m so glad i’m not the only person who does this dsflf mostly i read my oneshots about certain situations, or i’ll re-read certain chapters that i’m thinking about.

Yes, but I usually do it to either check something or fix something and sometimes I get caught up and just read a couple of chapters before I remember that I wasn’t supposed to. lol.

I have a complete one that I read all the time because I put so much emotion into it.


Do I read my own fanfiction? Always! I like to go back to edit, revise, and enjoy the story. I always impress myself with my own writing, and I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride every time I get excited over my own story. XD


Not going to lie, yeah I do, 1. I think its fascinating to see how the characters have developed. plus reading it, gives me ideas. But yeah I do enjoy it,

hard same

I read my work to check for errors mostly.