Do you stick to a certain sort of mystery?


Yes, the mystery of time & being.


Indeed. The first in the series features a nasty rich guy, a crazed revenge killer who eventually bombs a memorial service, and a grizzly bear. Although the grizzly isn’t really a villain, but rather a deus ex machina in a fur coat.


It was a short answer to the original question of “do you stick to a certain sort of mystery” … but, um, okay.


I like cozies pretty well and am more inclined to pick one up than most other books in the genre. But then, I’m also fond of the classic hard-boiled detectives of Chandler or Hammet. My own two Cully Beach mysteries are not quite cozies but veer close. Soft-boiled detective maybe. Ordinary and somewhat reluctant guys stuck in a situation who have to figure a way out of it.