Do you use your stats?

Not sure if this is the right place for this topic but was wondering if anyone on here is using their stats to make changes to their story?

I’ve been thinking about looking at my Completed Read percentages and working on making sure all of them are above an arbitrary target I set myself. But then that does sound a bit arbitrary given apparently visiting the chapters to reply to comments, etc. skews those numbers.

Anyone found a good way to draw some insight from them?

I take a look to see the reader retention rate. Otherwise that’s about it.


I use the demographics more. It helps me figure out who’s reading the book. One of my books I thought was chicklit actually has a decent male population reading it, so I had to take out that subgenre. It also helps me figure out if it’s too specific to where I live or has good international appeal.


Interesting - how do you calculate that?

That’s a good point. I hadn’t really considered that. Did you see any change in number of reads or demographics after you’d made your changes?

Nope. I am not even really looking at those stats even thought it can be funny sometimes. My stats are pretty much the same for all my books anyways :woman_shrugging:


Intriguing! I just had a quick look at your profile and noticed you have hundreds of thousands of reads - have you never used the stats to guide you in what your readers want to read?

Do you think that’s because you’ve got a loyal following that reads your books on a regular basis?

I do have a lot of loyal followers reading all my books, but I think it is more because my books are adressed to pretty much all the same type of public (I am writing BxB mature romances). Also, I am writing in French, so… for all my books the demographics is pretty much 75% from France, 5% from Canada and others percentages everywhere in the World. And I always get like 75% of girls and my public is always between 13 and 25 years old. I think it is because girls and people between 13 and 25 years old ARE the main population on Wattpad and the type of books I am writing won’t change anything to that.

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Very fair point - I haven’t been on Wattpad very long so am still learning lots about it!

My stats are quite different to that: 50% female, 25% male, 25% private. They cover all 6 age groups (including private) with no age group taking up more than 28%. The lowest is at 6% and the rest are somewhere between that. So I have a varied group!

Yeah, well… I do have all the group ages, but the main are between 13 and 25 years old. Always. But genre and age… I don’t think they are very… legit ? I mean, ANYBODY can lie on their ages on Wattpad : people are private and don’t want to give up their true birth date to Wattpad, people are under 13 years old and decided to lie about their age to create and account… etc.

So, I am not checking the stats and I don’t let them have any importance on what I am writing.

I am on Wattpad since 2015, so I can answer to your questions if you have some :slight_smile:

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For some reason the second book I write tend to attract more males than females.

While the book is intended for both audience. It did have more elements females over all will find more interesting. Man I was wrong about that…


So yeah, sometimes things are random…

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But it depends on how many reads you got also. If you have 3 readers and it happenned that 2 of them are male, the stats will say that you got more males than women, but well… can we really make stats on 3 readers ?


I’m not sure I really use them, but I find them interesting. I’ve played around with my first chapter a bit to try to get better reader retention. On my YA story, only about a quarter of my readers identify as being between 13-18, which makes me wonder if something I’m doing isn’t right for the demographic - though I’m not sure I really want to do that much more to that story these days.

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With a plot of guess work. I look at the number of reads each chapter gets and the number of favourites. Know I have a few friends readers that are regular, but seeing the number settle into a steady range after chapter 10 is reassuring

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Nope, but I guess it’s over all.

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Hey, as of late, people age 45 are reading my books lol.

This is intended for 18 to 25, but can be enjoyed by a range of readers.

The age 45 threw me for a loop lol


Wow - ok, yes, I have some questions:

  • Have you found anything in particular that helps your books get more attention?
  • Do you know anything about how WP’s algorithms work?
  • Any other advice you have for a newbie?
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  1. Nothing really helps other than to promote. Wattpad does have a bad habit of promoting the same kind of stories, if you wanna go that route then do that. If you want more of a unique touch, then it can be a while.

  2. Wattpad’s algorithms works based on, votes, reads, update, etc. I don’t know exactly how this functions, but this is the general idea of it.

  3. Don’t do crack.

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Did you find anything that worked to improve retention?

Which one of your stories is it?

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  1. Good to know. Do you find things like book clubs or competitions help much?
  2. Ok, so their algorithm doesn’t place any emphasis on the new things they’re rolling stats out on like complexity, grammar etc.?
  3. Good advice :wink:
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