Do you wanna build a playlist??


"Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story."

                     > How it works?

Basically, we’re gonna make a bunch of playlists. :woman_shrugging:

They can be about and for anything - Songs that start with the letter ‘E’, Songs about water, happy songs, sad songs, songs that made you cry, songs that made you laugh, songs that describe you, songs in your mother tongue, songs that you play in the car with your grandma…literally anything and everything? start a playlist! Name it whatever you like. Go on, get creative with your titles!!

:star: If you see a playlist title that someone has already started and you feel like you want add on - reply to their comment with the correct format to keep the playlist going.

                      > R U L E S
  • In the immortal words of our sovereign, our one true ruler, she who has been ordained by the daytime television Gods, Ellen Degeneres ; Be kind to one another. :star:

  • 3 songs maximum

  • Use the correct format to keep the playlist going. example ‘Track 4’ ‘Track 5’ etc on top of the song you link.

  • You have to listen to the songs in the playlist. “When someone shares their favorite songs with you, embrace them, because they’re giving you a small glimpse into their soul.”

  • If you like a song or the playlist, tell the person who shared it!! Give the post a like :heart: or a reply :speech_balloon: or both.

  • You can start multiple playlists and reply on multiple ones as well (just make sure you don’t go over the maximum of 3 songs)

Capisce? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I shall start us off then…


Track 1.

Track 2.

Track 3.


Songs which motivate you to change your life

Track 1:

Track 2:

Track 3:


Track 4.


Songs About History (that aren’t cringy)

Track 1:

Track 2:

Track 3:


Track 4. (a bit of Scottish history :wink: )

Track 5.


Track 5.

Track 6.