Do you write straight onto Wattpad, or write offline then publish after?



So, the thread topic kind of says it all!

My first book was written straight onto Wattpad, hitting publish on each chapter as soon as it was finished. That story is now complete and I’ve started writing another book in the same way.

However, this one is a little more complex in terms of storyline, themes and twists etc. I want to make sure I’ve got it just right, so I’m considering writing the rest of it (I have nine chapters on Wattpad so far) offline in a Word doc, then posting chapter by chapter once it’s complete and I’m happy with it.

The only thing is, I get a buzz from reading people’s comments as I go when writing (as I’m sure most writers do), so will find it hard not to get impatient!

Just throwing it out there to find out how other people prefer to write? :slight_smile:


I prefer writing everything offline. I too often heard about pressing Submit button resulted in a glitch, and the whole text was gone - even multiple times in a row. For longer chapters it can be hard to write as your browser may just crash, the script stops responding, or for me, sometimes hitting backspace results in returning to the previous page :disappointed_relieved:

Not to mention Internet stability is a huge factor. I also heard about chapters disappearing into the thin air with no or minimal chance of recovering. I strongly suggest copy-paste your existing chapters into Doc and working from it :wink:


With me it depends on the story. I have one that I plan to post but not until I finish it due to how complex it is. The offshoots from it I write straight onto Wattpad (making a copy for myself too of course). It really just depends on which way will yield better writing for you and lead to a better story. That’s what it is about after all. The story. lol No matter how much we appreciate our fan club.


Google Docs > Grammarly to edit > Wattpad to edit again* >_>

*sometimes drop back in Grammarly again > Wattpad to edit again again… then publish


I use scrivener! It’s a word processing program that works kind of like a binder. You can put in pictures, planning sheets, research, character profiles, etc. etc. It’s a little pricy (i think i purchased a full copy for $45) but honestly, best thing I’ve ever bought for my writing.


I prefer to write on Google docs, everything is instantly saved so you run no risk of losing your work the way you can on your computer or wattpad. Plus I think you can work offline as well when you don’t have internet, so that’s a bonus as well.


I prefer to write a rough first draft in Minipad on my tablet. It is simple, always saves my work and never has any issues, not to mention it works offline and saves to icloud. Then I transfer my work a chapter at a time to MS Word to proof read and spell check since Minipad lacks this. Then I copy to Wattpad and publish. I have never run into any issues doing this and I feel like the extra steps give me more opportunities to polish up my work before posting. Even for short stories I do this.


I write on Google Docs, too.


I always write offline. I use an app that is all about writing stuffs down. I edit it quickly and then, post it on Wattpad (real editing never done during writing).


I use google docs! Writing offline is easier then the WP formatting. Besides, I’ve had cases and seen cases where chapters are deleted, and I would hate to have that happen again. Luckily there is a “revision history” button many don’t know exist, but I just prefer to be offline to write it.


From my limited experience I prefer to write in Word, go through a few edits and then publish it. That way people can hopefully concentrate more on the characters and plot line as opposed to grammar and spelling mistakes.


If you write straight into Wattpad you’re playing with fire, lol. Refreshed a page once after the site froze and lost a whole chapter.


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i write straight onto wattpad
hasn’t bitten me is the ass yet but we’ll see, i guess


I write on Word (though I have written on Google Docs) and then transfer it over. Though, nowadays, I’m writing the entire thing offline before I publish it on here. This is because I would instantly transfer it over after I finished the chapter because I was too excited. But not having the self-control forced me into a horrible habit. While I instantly posted the story after writing it, I didn’t have a consistent schedule. I would get busy, be lazy, or procrastinate after updating and this meant that I’d have a month or two of complete writing silence. And while I appreciated how my readers understood this, I hated not being able to update regularly.

So, I decided to force myself to write the entire manuscript offline (that also means the revisions, too) so I didn’t get ahead of myself and therefore, could have a consistent schedule.

It is hard, but it has helped me a lot. I’m able to write whenever without feeling too stressed out about it. I’m also free of revising it however many times I wish without feeling horrible that my readers have to reread it multiple times (or none, if they end up only reading it once). It’ll also be better on my readers so it’s nice and clean on the first try. Plus, I’m able to be a little secretive and hype people up about it before its release.

I want nothing more than to post it, but it really does teach you about self-control. c:


For me personally, I like to have most of the book finished before I start uploading it. This way I can have an adequate amount of time to edit and make sure it’s going in the direction I like. This also allows me to keep an uploading schedule, even if unforeseen circumstances arise that stop me from being able to write.


I write and finish the books offline and then I start uploading. I wouldn’t trust the Wattpad writer’s feature with my stories. Hell, I don’t even trust my computer so I have several external harddrives and online cloud storage :joy:

But all my stories are written in LibreOffice :smile:

I’d definitely recommend you keep your stories offline too - and on harddrives and cloud storage (like google docs, icloud or onedrive)


I try to write outside of wattpad for planning purposes but most of the time I find myself writing on wattpad through my phone and then placing it on grammarly to check my writing. Most of the time it’s because I could get the feeling to write anywhere and it’s much easier to sit and whip out my phone then dig in my bag for my laptop. But I feel like it’s better to keep the rough draft out side of wattpad and then only keep the final draftss on wattpad just to be organized if that makes sense


I write and edit in Scrivener. My first drafts are rough, so I’ll usually rewrite at least twice before I’m confident enough in a scene/chapter to allow other people to see it. Scrivener has a number of features that are really helpful for me, like version control, split screens and ability to easily shift scene order.


I write offline then i proofread at least 2x then publish it.

I don’t have any other app to check my grammar. When I don’t write, I read stories. That’s it. Lol