Do you write straight onto Wattpad, or write offline then publish after?



Oh nooo!


Really interesting to hear all your different approaches - some things in there I’ve never heard of before so will check them out!

Having read all your advice, I think I’m going to try moving this new story offline, until it’s finished and I’m happy with it. Then, like some of you said you do, I will be able to stick to a regular uploading schedule rather than ad-hoc uploads as soon as I’ve finished a new chapter.

Thanks so much for sharing all your thoughts :slight_smile:


It seems a little coincidental but would your name be TWD influenced?


My first story I wrote directly on Wattpad, had no problem with it at all. Now I try writing in word first, make sure everything is perfect and then I post on Wattpad


I always write on Microsoft Word with proper ‘manuscript’ formatting.
Then I copy the whole thing to Wattpad and I make some corrections through the Grammarly service.
It is better practice than say write strictly online due to performance issues possibility.


Offline first. Everything is on Onedrive. Then I edit a few times before anything goes up.


Anyone who types right onto Wattpad scare me, in a bad way.
I love WP, but their typing format is shit. They really need to upgrade it and fix all the glitches.
I type everything up on Google Docs, then transfer it onto WP.


Write first, Publish later.


Same! I said it before, Scrivener is writersheaven :slight_smile: I do have to paste my chapters into Word afterwards, because Scrivener’s spellcheck is crappy, and it does something weird to the formatting when I paste chapters directly from Scrivener into Wattpad.


Do you mean my name, @Cal_Wicks? TWD? Sorry, you’ve lost me there! :rofl:


I write offline and publish after, because I don’t trust my internet. I use Microsoft Word offline, or write in a notebook and type it up.


Another vote for Scrivener! It’s a really good tool.

I have a system I use to keep track of things while my work is in progress, too, just because if I don’t stay organized, I lose my place and spin my wheels for months on end.

While writing a first draft, I just put it all into the individual mini-documents in the Manuscript, one scene per document. When I’m (mostly) done with the first draft and ready to edit, that is when I will create the chapter folders, and then each scene or group of scenes gets edited and placed into the chapter folders in a way that makes each chapter a decent number of words. It helps me track what I’ve edited and know where to pick up when I start a new editing session.

Then, when loading stuff onto Wattpad, any chapter that has been put in “draft” mode onto Wattpad gets marked with a “D” on its Scrivener folder. I currently have twelve chapters all loaded up on draft mode, that I just hit “publish” on my phone each Friday morning to post the next installment.

It may be a little weird or complicated but it helps me keep track of what I’ve done and what I’ve published or drafted, so it’s really helpful.


Offline. The novel I’m currently publishing here in installments is already complete - except I’m going back over some bits because it’s developed a bit further. I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that Wattpad isn’t ideal for a long novel.


Having multiple threads, at one point I had to split them out into separate files so I could check for consistency. Then plot all the sections onto the time-line so that they all matched and everything reached a climax at the same time and stitch it all back together again. Which is why my chapters currently have the format: chapter N: day xx, rather than the more snappy title they’ll probably end up with.


I write straight onto wattpad (most of the time) then back it up in about three different places. But I don’t post right away. I wait until I have several chapters written and then only update once a week.


I do mean your name yes :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I can’t handle writing right into wattpad, because I just want to click publish the whole time. Writing offline helps me to focus on the story itself. It’s the same with blogging. I always write my posts online so I’m not tempted to post it too quickly.


I write offline first. Then publish. And I also got a posting schedule.


I write the story itself on Google.Docs so I can edit and let people beta it.

I publish straight onto wattpad, solely because it’s the most universal place for everyone to read stories, and also because I’m too lazy to republish my stories XD


I do that too