Do you write straight onto Wattpad, or write offline then publish after?



Well, I’ve googled “TWD Lucille” and now I get the reference! But nope, just my name…


That is a very happy coincidence then :joy::+1:
Dixon is also the surname of a much loved character in the TWD also.
Anyway, hope you are well?


I do a combination. I outline my story without publishing - what events do I want where? What kinds of conversations? Where will the big reveals and twists happen?

Then once I have my outline, I’ll write it directly into Wattpad, breaking it out where I see fit. Then I’ll go in-depth into each chapter and fill in more details, emotions, etc. and publish as I go.


The book I’m updating now is a long-ish (75,000 words) manuscript I finished a few months ago, but posting it a little bit a time has been good as a way to help edit it, because seeing it in “official” web text makes it easier to spot errors and clunky prose.


I prefer the writing page on WP compared to Google Docs or M-Word. The other programs are just too messy for my liking when it comes to a blank page. I do save every five hundred words to Google Docs and M-Word just in case something was to happen with WP.


It really depends on how I feel.
Most of my stories are written straight onto Wattpad.
But sometimes (Especially with one-shots) I write them off line. Or I have the first few chapters offline (hand-written I might add) and then the rest are straight to Wattpad.


I usually write on here, sometimes on google docs, then put it through prowriting aid then pasting the revised version into both spots.


I always write offline and then post on here. Sometimes I even prefer to write by hand first.


I write into google docs and then copy it into WP. I like having it all written there so I can look at how many pages I’ve written and see it all as one piece there instead of chapters or parts.


I write on google docs than transfer it to Wattpad when I’m all done. I think it’s easier that way


I write in a notebook because I have a curfew for electronics, then I transfer it to wattpad. Usually, my first draft in the notebook is about six chapters ahead if my wattpad books, and I keep a set schedule of when I publish chapters for my completed first drafts.


I used to write straight onto Wattpad, but lately I have been writing offline. Mostly because I started having an update schedule.


thank you! I’m glad to know someone else experiences the terrible word-check as well! It catches nothing! And then has the audacity to tell me my sentences aren’t “grammatically correct” bitch i know it’s purposeful.


Exactly! At first I was like, oh wow, my spelling is great today – wait, that’s certainly not spelled right, why isn’t there a red wriggly line under there? So yeah… Pasting in Word just to be on the safe side…


Yes! I like to change the icons of chapters on scrivener to like the caution sign or the blue exclamation, that way I know which chapters i still need to edit. It’s amazing!


I write offline, transfer it to wattpad, then look at it and go what have I done and proceed to edit and publish a billion times over


I write off of wattpad, and import later.


I would honestly die if I had to write directly into Wattpad. I absolutely detest their writing page and how the tools are so limited and hidden until you highlight something. And half the time the tools don’t even show up when I do highlight something so I wind up having to keyboard shortcut something if my italics/bolds don’t transfer. Drives me bonkers never mind how unsafe it is to rely on Wattpad or any online site alone for your writing.

I always write in Word then copy and paste into Wattpad. I’ll upload as I write it, just won’t write it directly into Wattpad. I will always have a master off Wattpad with Wattpad just being one of my many copies. What I typically do so I can guarantee regular uploads is write at least a 10 chapter buffer before posting. If I don’t then I can’t guarantee weekly updates and I hate not having regular updates.


I always write on Scrivener and then copy and paste to Wattpad. Everything but the indents transfers over with the version I have.


I write in Dabble and Shaxpir (one for novels, one for short stories), edit in Word, and then paste the chapters into Wattpad. As often as people complain about their work disappearing from this site, I would never actually write on it.