Do you write straight onto Wattpad, or write offline then publish after?



I’ve just started, so I’ve been writing directly in Wattpad. I will admit that I have had a few issues where it’s been saving numerous versions or it’s decided to remove some recent edits (no idea why).
Thanks for this thread though, because I can now check out all the programs people use to write offline :slight_smile:


Please don’t leave your only copy on Wattpad!! Books have gone missing annnd ya don’t want to lose your hard work! Google Drive/Docs is a great alternative.

To answer your question, I write and post because I love the interaction! You can always come back and edit the story which is also fine :slight_smile: Wattpad is great place for a first draft.


Thanks so much to everyone who replied with their tips and advice, really appreciate all your feedback! :slight_smile:


I prefer to use word, then I copy paste onto Wattpad. This is mostly because I like Word’s spell checker better.
Also, I get to play with fonts. I may or may not spend upwards of half an hour doing that depending on my mood.


Suddenly, I feel less alone. Although, I do word > docs > Wattpad. Then I re-read days later and wonder how I managed to miss something that glaring between myself and three different programs


I start with an outline offline, then move to grammarly to write it and then copy/paste onto wattpad and finally publish it


Yep, and you realize how much your brain fills in the blanks after discovering a whole word is missing in a sentence… or five.


I do a combination of both. I use google docs when I’m like offline or whatever. And when I feel like getting on wattpad I just write it on there. I concentrate more on google docs, probably because it doesn’t have distracting orange colors.


Another vote for Scrivener. Publish something I’ve written before it has time for a nap, bath, shave, and haircut? Sure path to regret. Still have to recall some chapters for a scrub behind the ears.


I wrote onto WPS and then upload it here and on FP. :wink:

I like the spell check, the layout, text wrap etc.


First drafts are written in MS Word on my desktop Mac. The formatting and such on WattPad are really limited and annoying, plus I don’t trust WP to keep my drafts safe: too glitchy. I’ve had things go poof for no reason that I could discover.

I do several rewrites and a couple edits before posting anything online. If I did that much work on WP, my stories would have hundreds of reads from my own page views.


I tend to go through a series of re writings. Usually I’ll do it first on paper to get my ideas out and onto something. Then I’ll do it in Word docs. Then finally when I’m happy with it I’ll post it up here.


Well, the first 15 books or so I wrote were a straight publish after writing the chapters. (I deleted most of those books by now, so you will only find like 12 published books now, but most of those 12 are very recent stories.)

Now, I will write a book before publishing. This helps me keep to an uploading schedule to gain in more potential readers and having the book finished before I start uploading on a schedule helps me not stress over it. It makes everything right smoothly.


I first use the draft, then transfer to google docs, then transfer to wattpad. Afterwards, I would edit it, and then publish the story


Or 30. :rofl:
Or you’ve read through it a bajillion times, and yet someone else stilll points out a huge glaring error that you’ve only read through that many times and never noticed.
Because brain took a break and supplied the expected info.


lol no matter how good you are at self checking, you can almost never catch all your mistakes alone. Relying on feedback is a sure way to correcting your mistakes.


A little bit of both. It depends on when and where inspiration strikes. I typically like to start off in a word document but lately I would then switch over to wattpad.


One of the best ways I’ve found to help catch things like missing words, and dealing with my own brain tricking me, is to use a text to speech engine like the Natural Reader. I have it read back to me what I wrote and sit there, with my eyes closed as it does. Just listening to how it sounds and catching a great any faux pas that my brain missed.


I write to Google Docs then publish straight to Wattpad

My patience when it comes to editing/ waiting isn’t the best :joy: What seems to work for some people though is writing a couple of chapters then posting so you always have at least one in reserved :slightly_smiling_face: gives you more opportunities for plot editing as well.


I write it offline. Then i get it checked through grammarly and then I publish it on wattpad.