Do you write straight onto Wattpad, or write offline then publish after?

My steps for Online writing to Wattpad:

  1. Discord (for RP Stories)
  2. DeviantArt’s (Editing and rewriting for the rp to fanfics or my own drafts, but sometimes unreliable)
  3. Calmly Writer (optional)
  4. Google Docs (optional, my collaborator friend does the editing. Sometimes, I use it to.)
  5. DeviantArt/Wattpad (for publishing)

i do both tbh

Straight onto wattpad. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I usually type in notepad on my phone before rewriting it onto wattpad itself…i dont know but i cannot just sit and write to begin with, i randomly get a sentence at a time stuck in my head thru out the day…its more convenient for me …maybe its weird :slight_smile:
(but i also don’t consider myself a writer, no matter how many chapters i publish :smiley: )

C’est généralement la même chose que pour certains d’entre vous. Je préfère l’écrire sur un autre support que Wattpad parce que bizarrement l’inspiration me vient plus facilement. C’est étrange mais ici j’ai presque le syndrome de la page blanche et les idées ne fusent pas. Après c’est à chacun son mode d’écriture et il peut varier de jour en jour. Le roman que je viens juste de commencer à publier je l’ai écrit sur un Doc et je copie-colle au fur et à mesure les chapitre. Au moins je suis certaine que mon chapitre ne disparaîtra pas et que j’aurai toujours une copie quelque part dans mon ordinateur. C’est une technique que je suggère d’utiliser :clin d’œil:

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I write and thoroughly edit in OO Writer before showing anything on WattPad or anywhere else.

Well I write GAY on Wattpad, sir !

Forgive that horrendous pun, I do write straightly on Wattpad but I use external tools for things like research, classification, basically all supporting data that I need for my stories.

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that took me way longer then it should have

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I always wrote off wattpad. I complete a first draft and then do multiple edits drafts before I’m happy enough to paste it into wattpad and share it. Wattpad doesn’t have a spellchecker, or any other word document tools, so I don’t want to wrote straight on wattpad. And i’ve always got multiple saved files backed up, which if you wirte straight in wattpad, you won’t have. If something happens to their servers, you could lose your story.

Well, for me, it depends. If I know what’s going to happen and already have most of that chapter planned out then I will write it straight onto wattpad. But, if I think that specific chapter needs more work in order to fit in with the story (like editing, scenes, etc.) then I will do it offline.Though, I think I do prefer to write straight onto wattpad that way I can publish it as soon as I finish.

Google doc, full first draft.
Paste to Wattpad, check with Grammarly, publish.
Collect feedback.
Repost into Google doc and address the comments and corrections.
Repost to WP with Grammarly.

Because I’m stupid, I write straight into wattpad without editing and immediately publish it. Editing is a “2 years after the fact.” thing for me

I write in Google Docs (and sometimes Word). Never Wattpad because I personally don’t trust their saving capability, though I know I’m just paranoid and that it works fine.

I write my chapters on Word Online because I know it’s always saved to multiple devices and edit from there and proof edit on Wattpad because my second chapter didn’t save when I attempted it a different way and I cried for like an hour. New writer problems

I write offline in other programs because and then I copy and paste to Wattpad.

I’m writing offline first.

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