Doctor Who?


Any Doctor Who fans out there?? Which doctor is your favorite and why?


I LOVE Doctor Who!


Have you watched the new season yet?


I have! What did you think? I was kinda disappointed.


I actually really liked it! I think Jodie makes a really good Doctor and I really liked a lot of the issues that they tackled this season. What made you not like it if I may ask?


The companions weren’t as exciting and well-rounded as I had hoped they would be, especially Yasmin, they did nothing with her. Having all three companions at the same time was becoming too much for them.


I really liked the Ryan/Graham storyline though! I felt like they really grew together throughout the season.


Who’s your favorite Doctor?




Yeah, Ryan and Graham were the best, Graham was probably my favorite. I felt like they wrapped up the Ryan and Dad story-line too fast.

11th was my favorite




Favorite Doctor?


Yeah that’s true! I have such a hard time picking a favorite. Throughout the seasons I kept saying “this Doctor is my favorite, it can’t get any better” and then the next one would be amazing in their own way. I don’t think I can really pick a favorite yet. I really liked 12’s dry humor though, that really stood out


Yeah, Peter was amazing despite a large amount of criticism surrounding him. I’m hoping they do more next season for Jodie, cause I do like her. I want to see that dark side, where the stakes are really high. I also miss the whole series arc, which I haven’t seen.


Yeah I haven’t seen much of it either tbh. Do you have a favorite companion?


The Ponds, I loved the Ponds. Clara at the beginning was really good, but she got worse overtime.


12th would be my favourite


I don’t think I will ever definitively say one doctor is my favourite. They’re all so dynamic, and offer so much to the role. If you’re asking just about new-who, even then it is so very difficult.

  • Nine: Brought the new series to life, he is my doctor…
  • Ten: Brought the younger viewers into the fold, was lively, and offered the dynamic of maturity
  • Eleven: Mainly offered the ability to be fun and to yet be mature, and have to still make the Doctor-esque decisions…
  • Twelve: Primarily mature and in his maturity he was able to appeal to the audiences as an adult.
  • Thirteen: Arguably the most dynamic, a female doctor. I did despise the way they wrote her as a unassuming, and unaware women. It was like they wanted to throw her in as an existential crisis, before realising she had all this un-used potential.
  • War Doctor: Comes in as a special mention. Through him we see the difficulty that the doctor faces, he is the saviour of worlds, or is he the destroyer?

Same with companions. I actually was quite partial to Clara’s ARC. While she was marginally insufferable as The Impossible Girl, she had potential. As an actress, she harness’ this ability to be anyone, and anything and I think it was beneficial having her. Sarah-Jane was another fave (not New-Who though). I also was partial to Rory (poor thing, was following Amy for his entire life while she decided whether she wanted him, or the Doctor. Didn’t know what she wanted till she lost him.)


I love 12! Capaldi had some amazing sass! Loved the dry humor and attitude


Rory was such a sweetheart :heart: The boy who waited