Does Age of Consent Apply to Fantasy Creatures? 🤣

  • Age of Consent. The age of consent is 16+ on Wattpad. Any sexual content between characters must abide by this age of consent and not be in violation of Canadian Law.

From the wording, it sounds like this applies to humans, dragons, aliens, and animal characters.

(Sorry, Watership Down, you’re apparently underage content.)

And while on the topic, does necrophilia apply to the undead? Not relevant to me, just curious.

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Dang, I click on this just in time for it to change. :joy:


It applies to anthropomorphic creatures and humanoid fantasy races unless some serious explaining is done about a particular race’s maturity rates. For example, the character of Kess in ST Voyager, whose species only lived 12 years and so reached physical / sexual maturity much sooner than humans.

Actual ‘animals’ not so much, until they start being portrayed human feeling and reactions and / or sentience. I’ve seen sex scenes between ‘real’ animals like wolves or cats being written like humans having sex, including sexual assault. It’s disconcerting to read about a cat or wolf represented as a real animal blushing or crying tears …

Context. Humans having sex with a unicorn in unicorn form would be problematic regardless of the age of either participant. If the unicorn takes human form, it applies. This is like the idea of weres, especially werewolves. Two wolves having sex is probably OK, as is two consenting humans. When you venture into humans who turn into wolves, the age issue goes into the wolf form as well. Further, if one is human and the other is in wolf form, it’s essentially beastiality and so banned.

The ‘trick’ is not to anthropomorphize or have them having sex with humans or in humanoid form that’s underage in fact or appearance.

I personally don’t understand why anyone would want to write at length (or read for that matter) about non-human sexual activity, but :woman_shrugging: Actual animal sex ranges from mildly unpleasant to downright brutal and has little pleasure involved. I would say that the more sentient a creature is, the more important things like consent become.

As a general rule, no. If the dead are moving around they aren’t under that statute. In the case of vampires, while age might be passable, appearance might cause issues as in a Vampire who has existed for 200 years but is in physical appearance a child (like Babette in Skyrim). Any humans Vampires or other undead sexually interact with would still have to be of proper age.

It’s basically common sense. It’s also generally possible to tell when an author is trying to skirt requirements to titillate (lovely word, that) their audience with forbidden fruit.


If your dragons are just dragons having sex with other dragons, you can make your dragons mature whenever it’s practical and have as much or little of consent in their culture as you like. As long as you keep them dragonish and don’t humanize them. By that I mean writing what is essentially a human sex scene and change the bits to dragon bits. Dragons have dragon sex.

If your dragons turn into humans, in human form then age (or apparent age) applies, as well as in any actual humanoids they might have sex with. A dragon in the form of a human five year old should not be having sex regardless of actual age.

Does that answer your question?


If, once you factor in the math and the relative maturity level, the character is 16 or equivalent according to their species and location, you should be OK. And I honestly think that in the situation you mention, HQ would pass it as a erroneous report.

I mean, seriously, despite what some think (and will tell you) HQ isn’t out to look for excuses to take down stories. If 8 years equals adult in a non-human species, then they’re adults.

Regardless of that, Dragons are not human, even when sentient, so your dragons don’t have to be sixteen to mate with other dragons.

Like I said, common sense here.

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Does this mean 300 year old lolis technically don’t violate any wattpad rules

Since they’re not human


This post does not get enough attention. :dog2:


In the case of Orcs, females cannot have sex until they are 400. Not because of consent, it just takes that long for their genitals to form. Their species live between 6 and 7 thousand years, so their 400 year childhood is no big deal concerning sex, during that time, they train with clubs.


I think it depends on maturity of that species. Like, if a dragon reaches maturity at a year, it should be ok if they are having consensual sex at like a year and a half.

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This is the most hilariously serious conversation I have ever read! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@skatepunk1971 I feel like you’ve been sitting on that information for 20yrs and FINALLY found a place where you could share your in depth knowledge of ogre sex.

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Yes it does. Fortunately my female beast character from a short story is fully grown and mature. Although that kind of consent isn’t her issue. Turns out capturing humans and forcing them to mate or get eaten isn’t a successful strategy.