Does any one of you has Second Lead Syndrome?

I have been writing a teen fiction/mystery&thriller novel. The story revolves around a girl( Rose ) who moves back to her hometown. Somehow she ends up living with her childhood bestfriend and crush, a boy named Aaron. But he is cold towards her and another guy (Ryan) comes along. He is the dream guy every girl wishes for!
I originally planned to pair up Rose with Aaron but right now Ryan is equally deserving too. :sob:I feel like I have taken the dead end, I don’t want to break Aaron’s or Ryan’s heart!!:tired_face:

Any suggestions? :eyes:
Have any of you been in this weird situation? :thinking:

oh yes definitely
my story has two male love interests, and i originally was going to make her go with the “good guy” instead of the secret “bad guy”, but both of them seem pretty good to me now lmao


but i think there are two solutions:

  • let the story write itself and see how it goes


  • re-write the story and really focus on ONE character, while foreshadowing the other one might not be the best, after all

This is way too hard for us. Since we bring these characters to life, I don’t know how are we supposed to give them a heartbreak! :sob::sob::sob:

Well, I think I’ll go with your first suggestion. I’ll be giving a surprise to myself too!:joy:
Thanks a lot!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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yeah np ! that’s what i plan to do anyways haha

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Aw no haha. This is why I always write the entire outline before diving in. The problem is you really don’t want your readers to feel the way you’re feeling, torn between two boys. You want your readers to see the potential in one, but know deep down that the MC belongs with the other.

You can slap a bandaid over this by exposing “Mr. Perfect” as someone with just as many flaws. Because usually “perfect guys” are red flags for cheaters or the like. Or you can expose how Aaron might be too cold and toxic, and how she truly deserves this Ryan fellow. But my advice is to go back and rewrite the story in a way that doesn’t leave your reader in the midst of this love triangle (and not the kind of love triangle that simply exists to advance the primary romance, but a true, directionless triangle).


Thanks for your suggestion. I guess, I just need to wait and see how the plot develops after few more chapters are written and decide the guy who will be pairing up with the girl.:sweat_smile:

Pair her with Ryan. I hate how the girl always ends up with the cold, brooding jerk when she has a guy who is already sweet and wonderful and caring. Let the nice guy win for once. It sounds Aaron needs to get his shit together before he’ll be ready for a relationship.



For both the nice guy and the girl’s sake. Choose the one that makes her happier, not one who’s cold to her


Why can’t she have both? Thruples are sorely underrated


Could pair the MC with one and give the other someone of their own, maybe a close friend of the MC or something, that way there is no serious heartbreak and everyone wins? I dunno.

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oof good question, im in the midst of writing a story and a similar thing is happening except the other guy isnt even a love interest in the first place, i have this character that’s a typical playboy and my mc doesnt have any interest in him whatsoever and vice versa but i realised that their interactions are kinda typical of usual player/bad boy stories even though i want them to just end up as friends/good acquaintances, but some readers might end up liking him more as a love interest so im trying to figure out how to completely eliminate that.

like someone else said probably making him a worse person/making his flaw super noticable or giving him a diff love interest is a good idea, that’s what im thinking of doing too lol. but defo just pick a guy and stick to it, think up ways to make their bond look stronger and their relationship be perfectly complementary that the other guy cant compare.

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i had several different pairs for my main character, and i was honestly torn??? but then the character who writes herself anyways is like “actually she’s ending up with me, problem solved.” whenever this happens tbh the characters always decide for me eventually.

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Just pair Aaron and Ryan. I’m sure Rose will enjoy them very much (popcorn, anyone?)

(Sorry, my MxM fetish always takes over any het love triangle.)


@LittleBird317 & @MMicheleWilly I want that too but Aaron has a story behind his acts too. Even though Ryan is straightforward and caring, but judging someone on the way they behave and not having faith in the relationship you had with someone for 10 years doesn’t sounds good too!!:sob::sob::sob:
PS: I don’t know why am I even defending Aaron!!!

@Xelyn_Craft & @Siennafrost you guys are the plot twisters for sure!:joy: Your ideas are good though!

I get your pain so well right now. Because I originally planned Ryan to be her friend but as I continued writing further, the story developed on it’s own & now some of my readers want me to pair up Rose with Ryan!

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I will be sticking to a similar plan like yours!

Seriously though, I do this all the time to the point where my readers no longer know which one they want. And then I kill one of them, meaning the dead one wins because you can’t really compete with a dead guy, but the living doesn’t get the girl either because she’s in love with ghosts. There, the tragic ending that leaves all parties heartbroken and me with a truck full of rotten tomatoes from reader (that I happen to love):heart:

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I have a YA story where the MC is torn between two boys.

In the end, she chooses herself and walks away from both.

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