Does anyone else feel super insecure about their writing?


Thank you!!! omg, but yeah, English still isn’t my best and I feel rlly insecure when I see the lack of readers etc for my work


aww thanks! I really dk how to feel about my story omg


someone who want talk about writing?


YES! It actually took me several years (yes years) to finally work up the courage to post something out there for people to read. That being said, I think my insecurity also made me strive to be a better writer too. I’ve gone over my stories SEVERAL times just to make sure they are perfect, but I still call them all a work in progress. Writing is a process and sometimes you just have to jump in and see what people think, even if you are scared. THEN, take those comments and suggestions to heart. They are your readers after all and they know what they like. :wink:


Meeeee! I’m insecure about my writing!


You’re definitely not the only one. I posted the first section of my story earlier! It was terrifying. I always overthink my writing and am always re-editing it!


This film is awesome and I definitely need someone to do this to me right now :joy:


Well sure, it’s normal to second guess yourself. But you can’t live in your bubble forever… Your work demands to be seen!


Same here, I also feel so insecure about my first book, If its poetry which is usually what I write Im so confident but if it is romance or storytelling, Im completely nervous and not getting reads in the process bcs sometimes i feel like giving up, but Im at 9 chapters now and I hope to finish writing


I feel the same exact way people tell me I’m good but I feel average it’s to the point where I posted a chapter with a few minor errors on purpose to prove to myself that it’s okay to make mistakes, sounds dumb if you knew the full story you’ll understand


I can relate to this!

Sometimes I like having that self-doubt. And I know that sounds really really weird, but when I don’t feel good enough then I go out to seek information or ways to improve. It somewhat forces me to try and be better, which I think is very important in the writing game. Once you become comfortable and complacent you lose a bit of edge IMO. ^.^


Yes, it’s one of the reasons I haven’t bothered continuing to write my book for quite a while. The other reason is I just don’t care that much about writing anymore, I kind of just lost interest… I lost some interest in reading as well, but I still enjoy it enough that it can somewhat cure my boredom when nothing else will.


I was just the same, but with drawing. I kinda feel sorry for it - only if I’d ever get any encouraging, maybe it turns out differently.

As for writing, well I got back to it several months ago and I overly enjoy it. It seemed to end just like my drawing “career”, but this came back to me eventually and I learned to enjoy it. What pushed me to re-start writing? I looked after specific story ideas to read, but no-one wrote them so I had to do the work xD


I do that all the time!!! “Is my writing polished enough?” “Will the readers like and actually enjoy it?”
But now I just write for myself. People who actually like it will read it, if not, then I think of it as practice! I’m only getting better the more I write. So it’s a win-win situation!


I understand what you’re saying be doubtful can humble you which makes the work and the person behind the work better but I wish I could control it, ya know? when to be insecure and when to be confident


oh I sooo wish it could be controlled. If you ever figure out how to control the self-doubt and confidence, please let me know haha


of course lol


Look, I am going to be honest. I am afraid to share my stuff because I don’t it is going to be interesting. I have spent hours, nah weeks on my life on a piece. I would just hate for it to be boring. Then again I would hate for it to never be seen. I know I want people to take a look. I want them to see what I have been working on. I want to know how to improve. But it all come down to fear of what it is all worth for me. Do I believe my writing is good? Maybe. Do I think I can do better? Yes. But I need to share in order to find a reader and I can gain practice.


omg i can relate! i post my stuff on wattpad anyway , cuz only my friends read it so yh. sometimes the best way to get over insecurity w/ writing stuff is to ask someone else what they think about it, or you could just publish it and see what the readers think, becos you could always edit it later. btw im sure ur work is great!


It seems to be a problem with basically every one who creates because it is your creation it is your baby and you want the world to appreciate it as much as you do. I am just starting so I am still insecure but hey if some thing is not as good as you thought you can get constructive criticism.