Does certain genres/ topics give you an advantage and should we acknowledge it?

I’m posting this here cause I don’t know where to post it.

Now I came across an author (who shall not be named cause I don’t intend to call anybody out) who had a huge amount of reads on their story and was trying to help out other writers so their stories can rack up views too. Which is very kind of them and they didn’t have to do that, and I could see they had good intentions, but then after some digging, I had a bit of an issue with something…

The user had claimed to have done it by just updating a lot and putting out quality chapters. They didn’t use the share your story thread, or advertise their story in anyway. They just updated often, and they updated frequently. (They had finished their story in less than a year.) They also said they had an interesting summary and eye-catching cover, and that was important too.

And there was nothing wrong with what they said. What they said can be very true. It’s just that they had omitted something which I think is a fairly big factor on what attracts reads: the genre and the plot of the story.

If you’ve been on Wattpad long ago, you can see the disparity between stories that will take a while to rack up reads, while there are stories that rack up reads fairly quickly based on what the story is about. Meanwhile, some stories don’t even get that many reads (it’s nobody’s fault and it can be for a variety of reasons.)

But it’s just…the writer never seemed to address or mention that they were writing about a genre/ plot that is fairly popular on this website to begin with, and that it was likely a factor as why their story rose in popularity so quickly. And I’m not saying that the writer didn’t work hard or anything for their readership or that it was all because of the genre they were writing, but it’s just that there are writers on this website that I know write really well, yet their work does not get nearly as much recognition because their plot is more obscure.

I don’t think the user was being purposely misleading, but I do think they should have mentioned that they write for a plot-line that is more favored on this website and it did impact how they built up their fanbase. Because it can be misleading, especially for writers with more ideas that are “out there”. They may think the key is not to advertise like this writer did and just write, but then they may get frustrated when their story doesn’t get the same results, even if their writing is really good.

(In my opinion, if your story isn’t a common plot, and it’s more unique, you SHOULD advertise, because people aren’t looking for it. People tend to search for similar themes to what they usually read or write themselves…they go for the familiar, so if your plot is more unique, you should definitely put it out there so people can read the summary and go “This seems interesting, I think I want to check it out.” Otherwise it may end up as a hidden gem.)

This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with writing about stories that are more commonly found or are a “hot topic” on Wattpad, but I think it should be mentioned to readers that the popularity of the genre/ plot you are writing about did have a part to the play in the growth of your readership. I just don’t want aspiring writers dreams to be crushed cause they think that if they just write and write well, they’ll be the next big thing. I want them to have reasonable expectations for the story they are writing.

So do you think some genres/ plot-lines have more advantages of attracting readers because of what it’s about? Leave your opinions below!

PS…I didn’t mean to pick on anybody, but it was more to bring attention to this issue. There was no offense intended.

-The Witcher

I think certain things spark interest. People say that sex sells, but so far I’m not seeing it happen with my own work.

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It depends what kind of sex story. The ones with more kinky stuff or stories that are basically sexual fantasies are the ones that usually gain more attention. Usually stories with more healthy sexual relationships don’t gain as much popularity unfortunately, Lol.

-The Witcher

I personally feel attacked :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Just kidding. I write Chicklit, General Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Contemporary Romance. Three out of Four are not very popular genres. In 18 months I have been about to get about 250k reads from my 4 completed books and 1 WIP without promotion. All I did was update regularly and try to have good grammar and a compelling story.

I do think some genres are more popular than others. I think a good story is a good story and it will get reads just not at the same rate at certain genres and/or plots that deemed to be at an advantage. Just being in that genre/plot of advantage doesn’t mean it’s good or will automatically get thousands or millions of reads. Quality writing and/or the ability to make your readers connect with your characters matter more than anything.

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Kinky can be healthy at the same time. That’s a big reason I write, to clear up misconceptions.

250k is a good amount of reads, especially for each story…but the writer I was referring to had a beyond amazing amount of reads. They could be a best-selling author with that amount of reads if they were professionally published.

-The Witcher

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But that’s my point…those are the ones that are not as popular.

-The Witcher

Writing a popular genre/plot line might draw in readers because more people look for it, but it also means that since there’s so many books with that plot line, your new one is that much more likely to be overlooked.

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You’re definitely going to get an advantage writing sexual stuff, or the fanfic stuff, or the niche stuff like vampires and werewolves that people specifically come to wattpad for. It’s just the way it is. As a writer of asexual works, I’ve wasted too much energy worrying about my own disadvantage with not including sex in my stories and instead work to make my writing better so people don’t care : )

Thanks. Not each story. My top and oldest one has 193k reads my newer ones rage from 4K to 25k. I’m also more niche than mainstream on WP. I write about people of color, for adults, and mature subjects (not explicit).

Edit: Large read amounts on WP does not always translate to sales off Wattpad. Some writers already have a following on other sites or social media and bring them to WP.

That completely depends on the fandom. For dead or small fandoms, it’s more of a disadvantage.

Correct- but I think people know what the point was there.
Some come with a built in guaranteed fan base. Just the way it is

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True, but there’s enough people on this site who believe any fanfiction for any fandom can become popular overnight that it needs specifying.

There are people who believe anything can become become popular overnight and that’s not not true for any genre :joy:

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Yeah, but I got cursed out and called a horrible person etc. by someone who believed that so it’s a bit of a personal thing when it comes to that genre.

On WP? Definitely. Just browse the super popular stories out there and what do you see? Cliche, bad boys, teenage stories, smut, titles like “He tied me up on a chair” (Gosh, I wish this one doesn’t exist in reality). I’m willing to bet 90% of the stories that make it to near million reads are of this genre, and the really really well written one that address a deeper, more serious, thought provoking books climb as slow as a sloth even when it’s climbing. I think also checked on paid stories and Wattys winners. The mainstream genre tends to sky rocket for being featured or having won, and the more sophisticated ones without smut grew in leaps but remained at maybe 50-100K. I could be wrong, but from a quick research it seems to be the case.



That’s a made up title but I think most of them sound like it LOL I actually want to collect these damn titles just for the sake of proving humanity is beyond saving.

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Oh, lol. The “(Gosh, I wish this one doesn’t exist)” I read the “doesn’t” as a typo for “didn’t” and thought it was a real title. :joy:

I realized and fixed that part XDDD But really, don’t you just cringe when WP throws those book at you??

(made up titles similar to what I see bc I don’t want to call anyone out)
“My hot, sizzling XXXX”
“The Alpha’s XXX”
“The unwanted XXXX”
“Caged by XXXX”

Just click on recommended or “billionaire” and OMFG I don’t want my daughter anywhere near this thing!!